Wishing you a {happy} weekend



The weekend has arrived- the first since the boys went back to school this week.  I’m pretty sure I am more tired than they are, but why that is I don’t have a clue.  So far everyone is doing well, adjusting back into the routine known as “our lives” and coming home happy.  It feels good.  We are looking forward to a quiet few days around here- not a lot to do and the weather that invites relaxation, movies and warm food. Mr. Taylor and I will be celebrating our anniversary this weekend- most likely just hanging out together, seeing as we really do like each other quite a lot.  He makes me laugh, and he’s smart and such a great husband and father.

I hope that whatever you are planning this weekend, whatever your weather may be like, whether summer has decided to stick around for a while, autumn is attempting to push it’s way in or spring has sprung- that your weekend is wonderful.


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  1. You too my beautiful friend, it nearly feels like summer here already which is a little scary {seeing as it is only the first week of Spring}…Have a lovely anniversary whatever you do…Love and hugs from down under xo

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