Vietnamese {coffee}

Recently #3’s teacher sent me a link to a video.  Now, normally this wouldn’t have been a big deal- people send me links to things.  But upon receiving this video, I came to the realization that a.) said teacher really truly “got” me- we have so clearly connected, and; b.) I think I am going to cry like a baby when this year is over this week as I can say with certainty we will most likely never have two such amazing teachers as we have this year.  (Between #4’s and #3’s teachers this year we have absolutely hit the once-in-a-lifetime jackpot!)  Thank you Mr. A – for this link and for the fabulous year you have given us.  I am excited that this coming Wednesday Mr. Archuleta will be my guest poster for my {Simple Moments} series~

So, after watching this video at least 20 times- and counting- #4 and I took a trip to the International District yesterday to pick up our supplies.  We were going to make our own Vietnamese coffee!  (Random fact: I love foreign drinks! I fell in LOVE with Chai in India and drank cup after cup of it while there.)


I also love the music- “Ding Dong” is now on my dance-around-the-kitchen playlist.  It’s so catchy- don’t you think?


Vietnamese coffee

1 1/2 Tbsp coffee

2 Tbsp condensed milk

Vietnamese coffee filter

boiled water


To learn how to make it, you will need to watch the video, as I couldn’t possibly explain it as well~



Let me know if you try it and how you like it!

Have a wonderful Sunday mes amies.  Happy Father’s Day to the dads out there!




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6 Responses to Vietnamese {coffee}

  1. i loved this video, totally makes you want to run out and get it. can’t wait for montreal and you, for all the coffee we will be trying, consuming i do not think we will need a bed in the hotel room from all the caffeine!

  2. Loved it!!! This video resonated with me on soooo many different levels. Coffee is such a sacred ritual to so many in my family…first there is the Cajun “chicory” love that makes me hoard my can of French Quarter Chicory coffee from Louisiana. Then there are the myriad of single cup coffee makers that we have brought back from different places. Then…there is the incessant “Ding Dong” that will ring in my head all day…so I will have to annoy my family to death with it! I’m also going to send the video to a blogger friend who is in the process of moving to Ho Chi Minh! Have a wonderful Sunday up and over there.

  3. This is SO great!
    I love Vietnamese coffee– iced, not hot. I am not a sweet coffee kind of gal, but there is something particularly tasty with the condensed milk-strong coffee combo. YUM!

  4. Anything with coffee is YUM! Loved the video!!

    Jake’s teacher this year was amazing too – I’m going to miss the excitement Jake shared with us about some of his lessons. Teachers like these are a true gift!

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