Vermont {in the autumn}


Not long ago I was fortunate enough to enjoy an inspiration-filled week with a dear friend at her home on the hill in the countryside of Vermont.  It is difficult to put into words the sense of peace and tranquility that lives on that hill.  I am hoping that the photos give you some idea of how beautiful and soul-filling my time there was. We spent a lot of time simply driving through the countryside, stopping frequently to take in the beauty of the autumn color and gorgeous landscapes. We also had the opportunity to work on a project together and I can’t begin to tell you how inspired I was to really “work” with someone as talented as she. I returned home filled with energy and ideas and plans for the future.  I am so grateful for that as I think it was something I had needed more than I had realized.


We shared adventures that I will tell you all about soon, as I have photos from those as well.  However, today, I am thinking of the hill, and of the coming winter, and how warm and nestled up the residents of that wonderful cottage must be.  I long to bring some of that to our little farmhouse~










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12 Responses to Vermont {in the autumn}

  1. Perhaps you can understand how wonderful it was for me to grow up on the other side of Lake Champlain in Plattsburgh, NY..same ambience and natural beauty. Glad you had this opportunity.

  2. Tres joli en effet, Kim. Definitely one of the most scenic and charming American states… There is something special about the East Coast, isn’t there? I miss it… Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. Your images perfectly capture an idyllic life and beauty beyond compare. Your words share the inspiration and joy you found there.

    I look forward to seeing and hearing more and the project you worked on together?! It can be nothing but lovely!

  4. you visited vermont at such a lovely time of year. i am a new england girl. grew up on cape cod..spent many winters skiing in vermont. but autumn in vermont is simply gorgeous!

  5. These images are amazing! Your words bring them to perfection, as I feel I have been there, on the hill. It seems to me, The Hill is quite iconic in the blogosphere as well. I have been following Nadia’s blog for quite some time and with her deep and sensitive writing she is constantly convincing me that some people make the place special and beautiful just by being in it.
    I am happy for both of you.
    Thank you Kimberly!

  6. Oh my.. I would give so much to be there for this weekend! Your photos are so gorgeous and this countryside looks so serene. I’ve never been to Vermont, but now I want to!

  7. dearest Kim, how lovely you are. truly beautiful my friend i think if the there was not one colour or leaf on the tree your kind, grace , inner and outer beauty would have been reflected unto the hills and landscape so that we could see what we see above.

    dearest friend, your words touched me deeply and that they where talking about me truly made me feel like the luckiest friend.

  8. Vermont is embedded in my soul. I had no idea how much I would miss it when we lived in Albany. We were so close and visited often. Your photo of the hillside with all of the haybales is so magical! Thrilled you absorbed this lovely state in all its Autumn glory!

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