Years ago my Grampy came back from Jamaica with vanilla beans.  Lots of them.  He shoved them all in a small bottle of rum and put that bottle up in a kitchen cabinet.  And there it sat.  Being a young girl, I promptly forgot about it.


He brought it back out months later and invited me to take a smell what was in the bottle.  Lo and behold, the scent of vanilla wafted out of that rum bottle!  Grampy had made vanilla, which I’m sure Grammy baked with for some time afterwards.


Whenever I make vanilla- and it isn’t often, I think of my Grampy- a man who may have been the most influential man of my formative years.  Today isn’t the time to post about him.  Surely when I do there will be tears, as he was a great man and his passing broke a little something in my heart.  But today I made vanilla, and thought of him, and the twinkle in his eyes when he smiled.



sharing some Friday inspiration~

~these two really have it going on

~simple holiday decor, scandinavian style

~it’s a makers holiday season

~all sorts of delicious

~one-of-a-kind get-away

~a favorite place


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5 Responses to {vanilla}

  1. So funny….today I bought & used vanilla pods for the first time ever, at first I wasn’t quite sure how to open & get those tiny little seeds out! But the recipe called for them & I’m so glad I used them :)

    Lovely post Kim XX

  2. You know I love things like this that spark a memory and a smile. I had the same kind of thing happen on Tuesday night with the smell of a wood fire burning. I betcha your vanilla smells and tastes so much better than the stuff you get in the store. Happy week-end. xo

  3. Kimberly, I received the little “pinch bowl” I ordered from Tiggy and Grace. It has its place of honor by my stove, where I put a bit of kosher coarse salt in it each morning, before I begin the day’s many and varied kitchen cooking duties. It makes me smile, because I know where that tiny bowl came from.

    Also, the applewood smoked salt sample! Oh dear. Now I have to get some. I’ve been forcing every guest who enters my kitchen to sniff the bag, and all are equally amazed and instantly hungry. So far, your salt has proved to be incredible on grilled pork, and potato soup.

    Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

    • Oh Sheila- I am thrilled that you like it all! Truly~ And the salt- do you see now why it is my very favorite?? I have it on popcorn a few times a week.
      Happy Holidays my friend,

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