{Time in the Kitchen}



If you spend as much time in the kitchen as I do it is nice surrounding yourself with things you love.  This collection offers a linen apron to wear while cooking from the cookbook “Lunch in Provence”- a beautifully photographed and inspiring book about slowing down and eating with joy.  It also includes a linen market bag for shopping at the farmer’s market and my very favorite smoked salt in a small weck jar to use on everything from popcorn to steak to salted caramel!

tg_market bags-7





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16 Responses to {Time in the Kitchen}

  1. i was just at my local english bookstore here in paris this morning and saw that cookbook…it is lovely! and as a proud owner of one of kimberly’s aprons..i can say first hand how much i live in it! one is just not enough! put me down for 225$

  2. I will be increasing my big to $300… not only it is a truly worthy cause but I have to admit it will be a special treat on my journey to get fit. down 22 lbs., numerous inches, and 2 sizes since March.

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