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Sometimes you need to be spontaneous.  You need to jump on a plane bound for people who have known you for your entire life.  You need to rent a car and drive down country roads with the windows rolled down, music playing, warm spring air on your skin.  There is something magical about starting each morning with a cup of coffee on the front porch as the sun rises and warms your face.  Time in the country replenishes your soul.

















This past weekend I was blessed to be surrounded by family that I grew up with.  We spent time together, we ate wonderful food, we caught up for the past 25 years.  I loved on old family, met new family whom I adored, and felt like a part of a family.  I spent time with one of the most important and influential men in my life, a man who was a huge part of my childhood.  He took me to all of the places that I love most- old historic cemeteries, farms that have been in the family for years and years, complete with the most amazing outbuildings and very old farms that have been more recently acquired.  Beautiful old buildings, weathered barns, and fabulous old chicken coops.  It was wonderful.  Hours and hours of wonderful.








Those three days gave me something that I didn’t even know I needed.  It reminded me how life can be uncomplicated and leisurely.  It reminded me that gathering with those you love can be as easy as a few phone calls and a pot luck of really great food.  Perfect is so overrated.  Stressing about everything being “just so” takes so much more energy than looking at the people right in front of you and loving every moment with them.

I am grateful for a husband who supports my need for times like this.  I hope that when I return home to my family I am a better person, a calmer person, a happier person.






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14 Responses to time in the {country}

  1. These pictures totally remind me of Niobrara NE (my calming spot and essentially across the River from where you were)! Love love them. I so want that white barn. How perfect. Glad you take time for yourself.

  2. Ah, those countryside images remind me of the corner of Australia I grew up in…..baren land, long endless roads and buildings that have seen many a better day with a story to tell.

    The kind of place that will charm the pants off me anyday.

  3. I love this post, Kim. My heart has always been drawn to those country places with memories of love and family and good times. I feel so blessed to now live right in the middle of it all.

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