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Hello friends,

Tomorrow morning I am so excited that tiggy & grace will be opening.  I wish it was a brick and mortar.  I wish I could greet you by opening the door and welcoming you inside.  I wish I could have coffee, tea and hot apple cider to offer you, along with some delicious baked goods. I wish I could share hugs and laughter and a warm wonderful space with you.  Maybe one day.



However, tomorrow, the shop will open and I will share with you a few things that I really really love.  Each piece of pottery was hand-crafted by my sweet husband and while I didn’t do a lot, I did hand-trim a few pieces.  I stood by and asked him to make things a certain height or width, and asked for thumb indents on a few handleless mugs.  I designed the aprons and my talented sweet Auntie did all the sewing for me.  The linen was chosen for it’s soft texture and durability. And the salt- oh, that salt.  Not only is it packaged in my very favorite Weck jars, but it smells like heaven.  Well, if heaven smelled like applewood smoked salt…

So I hope you will stop by, and enjoy a virtual cup of cider, and a flakey croissant- with chocolate if you wish. And I hope you enjoy the things that are offered as much as I do.  And trust me, I will be sending virtual hugs!



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7 Responses to {tiggy & grace}

  1. Kimberly, I am genuinely happy for you. Your style is quite exquisite, so I have no doubt tiggy & grace will be successful.
    I will come back tomorrow for a cup of coffee and a croissant.

  2. OH my dear, I just had to hope on over after having gone shopping at your store this morning! Everything is simply delicious! and many items are going quickly! Thank you for taking the time to set these up!! Have a wonderful day!!

  3. oh dear beautiful girl, what beauty you have created!! i was a little late in arriving to your grand opening…sigh…missed out this round! :0)
    SO, SO happy that your opening was a huge success!


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