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I am SO excited about opening the shop my friends!  It seems like it has been forever and I have been thinking about what I really wanted to share.  I have added some things that I hope you will love as much as I do.  There are some incredible drinkable vinegars which are absolutely perfect for the holidays- especially if you love the idea of enjoying cocktails with friends but don’t want the alcohol.  With a bit of ice and some carbonated bubbly water – plus your favorite Ludlow shrub- you have a gorgeous delicious cocktail!




I have also added some fun colored canvas market bags- simple and sturdy and colorful for the darker days of winter.   They are spacious and perfect to bring shopping and make a wonderful gift that is earth friendly to boot!


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I was fortunate enough to be able to find (through a friend) my all-time favorite shears.  I keep mine in the kitchen and they come in handy for a multitude of tasks- most often cutting herbs and flowers from the gardens. They are pretty and sharp and a great tool to keep handy.


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While in France this summer I picked up some of these darling “homemade” canning jars- the sides say “fait maison” and while I brought home some for myself, I wanted to share some with you as well.  While you could definitely use them for canning, they are also a great size for storage in your pantry.


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I’ve also added tea towels!  Made from the same fabulous linen that my napkins are made out of, these tea towels are larger and so useful in the kitchen.  I use them to cover fresh bread before dinner or to line a bowl before putting rolls in it.  They are of course useful towels as well~  They measure 16″ by 24″ and are rough edged like the napkins.


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I’ve also added one of our current favorite teas – Harney & Son’s “Paris”.  #2 drinks it every evening and has grown into quite the tea man since Paris came into our lives.  I adore the tins as well as the beautiful tea bags as it makes brewing a cup of tea feel special~


The shop will open WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30TH and will remain open for three days.  As I so enjoyed the feel of the pop-up in the past, I wanted to return to that as we approach the holiday season.  Many of the things in the shop would make wonderful gifts for Christmas so come see what’s new and hopefully you will find something you love!

See you Wednesday!





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11 Responses to {tiggy & grace} pop-up

  1. Kimberly,
    OH everything here is simply gorgeous! You have the shears!!! I have to admit I am beyond giddy as I missed an opportunity to pick up a similar pair when we were in Europe over spring break (not enough room leftover in the suitcase.) A friend brought a pair back and simply loves them! She uses them on her cut flowers, in the kitchen, and just about everything else…

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. Loving everything, Kimberly! Just wanted to check prior to the pop-up … do you post internationally? Thx in advance and thanks also for sharing your gorgeous wares and favourites! Happy week ahead ~ x

    • Hi Tina, I do ship internationally but shipping is expensive as the overhead is much higher. Email me if you have something in mind and I can give you more information~

      • Thanks Kimberly, I sure will! The freight would be worth it, though … have so admired your previous Tiggy & Grace items!! Excited for Wednesday ~ x

  3. Beautiful, you mentioned that all the proceeds will be going to your work in Africa is this still the case- if so how wonderful to to be able to give someone here something special while at the same time helping someone far away!

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