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This week on the farm I am feeling like I have died and gone to heaven. It truly is spectacular- the weather is absolutely stunning! The gardens are beginning to really bloom and it smells amazing all day long.  I have been planting seeds (lima beans for the first time, peas, beans, radishes, tomatoes) and filling pots and barrels with color. I have added three new clematises- two different varieties and I am crossing everything that they are happy and thrive (because my track record in this arena is not a winning one…). There are buds everywhere- on the climbing rose on the chicken coop, the espalier asian pear tree, the grape vines and the peonies. Meanwhile the lilacs are in FULL BLOOM- and they are my very favorite spring flower. They are GORGEOUS this year and I am loving cutting baskets full and bringing them indoors. They have grown so much since last year and are filled with huge bunches of flowers.  We have a number of different varieties and I love each and every one.  The herb garden is coming along nicely with all of the older plants and new editions. I grow oregano, chives, thyme, mint, french tarragon, parsley, cilantro, rosemary and strawberries in the herb garden, as well as poppies, peonies, fairy roses and cosmos. That is one garden that really shines in the summertime. I have been pruning things that tend to get unruly this time of year and weeding in an attempt (most likely futile) to stay on top of the barrage of weeds that tend to be present come July.

One thing that I have been doing more of lately is stopping (even when I don’t want to) to sit in the gardens and enjoy something to eat and/or drink. I tend to eat lunch outdoors and I have been making sun tea to enjoy while I am outside as well. I have also been playing with simple syrups and right now I am absolutely loving rhubarb syrup! The rhubarb is still doing really well and I want to take advantage of it while it is here.

I would like to say that the one downfall to this glorious weather and productivity in the gardens is that I feel like I am completely and utterly neglecting those that I love but tend to communicate with online. I simply don’t spend much time at all on the computer, thus find that days go by before I realize I have talked to NO ONE outside of my family. I honestly feel badly about this and hope and pray that those dear friends whom I have not talked to for far too long will forgive me in my absence. I am secretly hoping they are as busy as I have been and haven’t even noticed!

Happy week mes amies.

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5 Responses to this week {on the farm}

  1. Stunning images! Completely living through you because at the moment I am not planting anything and have to keep saying–“maybe next year”. But I am sneaking outside and enjoying the green grass and a bit of Normandie-sunshine…. and even let Petite Fille play with the hose today!

    Enjoy–and yes–force yourself to stop and sit and just soak it in now and again–everyone near and far will understand.


  2. Gardens do captivate the heart and soul! I wish I had more time right now…but school is busy. (and we dont get out til June 27th!). Our lilacs are just budding, ferns and hostas just unfurling….grass is just greening up. We have planted here and there and have many plants growing in the greenhouse til Memorial Day weekend, when hopefully we will have made it past frost!

    I LOVE the shots that you too of your flowers. They are lovely and inspiring!

  3. I have made rhubarb crisp, rhubarb and bluberry muffins and today strawberry rhubarb jam, but I never thought of rhubarb syrup. Thanks for the inspiration! Lilacs are one of my favorites too.

  4. It’s almost Winter here in Australia which I’m very much looking forward too, however seeing these beautiful photos…I’m a little jealous. I love it when Spring starts.

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