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Hello friends and happy {rainy} Saturday!

We are in the process of beginning a project here on the farm that I have been dreaming of for the past five or six years.  It has been something that I have wanted to do but other things seem to keep coming up instead. However, we are now past the planning stage and beginning the actual installation of a gorgeous set of French doors off the kitchen that will lead to a partially covered two-level deck and patio.  As I LOVE being outdoors as much as possible whenever the weather allows, this addition to the farm will enable us to dine outdoors much easier.  And I can’t tell you how excited I am to begin mornings sitting outdoors enjoying my coffee, tucked under a blanket in the cooler weather, my feet in the sun when it shines.

deck wall


Some of you may remember this photo of the south side of our home- a wall that is high and flat and has no interest.  It is the perfect spot to add an outdoor living space being just off the kitchen, with southern exposure and yet shady in the summer when it warms up.




Our home has flat roofs but I wanted to add a slight pitch to the covered patio for interest and drainage.  I have always loved metal roofs- our barn has one section of them- and so I was excited to add a bit to our home.  This is what we hope to use.





We have opted to use a decking material that will be easier to maintain.  We are going with a light gray which should look nice with the white accents.





 I am considering using these sweet rustic lights instead of a larger light feature in the covered area.  I haven’t decided yet but as we would rarely use proper light in this area (opting for candles and light from the fireplace instead) I am thinking I may prefer the ambiance of these lights.





Finally, in phase two we will be adding a patio adjacent to the deck with a fireplace.  I like the height of this one as well as these paving stones.



I’m so excited to have a project like this to focus on as the dark wet months approach.  Come springtime it should be ready to enjoy!






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