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Hi friends,

Autumn has truly arrived here on the farm.  If there was any doubt, it was removed this past weekend when the winds whipped the leaves in a frenzy and the power was lost for about 24 hours.  As I have been on my own with the boys for the past 8 days we were left to get the generator running, light candles and make sure the fires were going.   This is indeed my favorite season as I am a nester by nature and love a good “batten down the hatches” day.  I feel incredibly blessed that when the weather turns our family has a place to go that is warm and dry.  I feel blessed that our pantry is never bare and we never go to bed hungry.  And while this is an issue for some year round it seems that with the colder weather it is brought to the forefront and seems more prevalent- more pressing come late autumn and winter.  Thus, after being inspired by another creative soul I spent today doing a bit of shopping.  I really (really really really) want to make this holiday season one of giving and selflessness- of kindness towards our fellow man and doing what we can to bring comfort and joy to those that need it.

We put together these little comfort bags- a small collection of things I imagine those without a home or a stable income could use.  We often come across people in our community in need and while it is easy to hand a dollar or two to a stranger, I felt that it was more important to take the time to put something together that would not only be useful but let them know that we had thought of them.  I intend to offer these bags without expectation and am prepared to be turned down.  However as I hope that for the most part they will be well-received and that if nothing else, they will bring a bit of joy to someone we don’t even know.

I really want our boys to become men of integrity as well as men who feel the pull to leave the world a better place because they were in it.

dream big.  do good.


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3 Responses to the gift of {giving}

  1. What a wonderful idea! We had talked about helping out at the local mission this year but were turned down. I know, right! It turns out that there is a LARGE group that comes in to help prepare and serve meals during this time of year so they end up having to turn folks away. So instead we are donating… not just to the food pantry but to the personal care pantry as well. Yes we actually have a local personal care pantry where EVERY hygiene item imaginable is available but they run short this time of year.

    I think we will make up some bags like this to carry in the trunk of the cars so that if we see someone in need we will have something to offer them.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. we love this-and can see how your young men will turn out!! always like to remind folks that there are 11 other months in the year that people are needing and aching for basic things…Not just holiday time!
    This is shown often thru your journal. Thanks for allowing me to underline it.
    ( Thnx for sharing the potato recipe too–the one thing I save the calories for & I could not give up if I had to! ) :-)

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