summertime {adventure}

Sometimes you just need to go on an adventure~















After reading the comments, especially that of Stacy, I wanted to add something.  Ferry trips hold a special place in my heart.  I grew up in the midwest but visited the west coast of Canada many summers.  My grandparents lived in the Gulf Islands and it truly is the place that seems most dreamlike from my childhood.  I remember those ferry rides, the smell of the salt, the kelp, the arbutus and evergreen trees.  I remember standing on the front deck of the ferry searching the dock for my first glimpse of my Granddad who always came to meet us in his 1960s car.  I remember stopping at the general store on the way home from the ferry, I always picked black licorice and coffee ice cream, my brother opting for Archie comics. We would drive up the long steep driveway – Granddad had named it Random Lane- and there my Grannie would be waiting on the big deck with a sweeping view of the ocean.  It was heaven, and to be honest, I haven’t been back since my Grandparents passed away many years ago.  I had hoped to visit this summer with my family, to share the island with my boys, but upon making some inquiries, I discovered that much had changed, places that meant the most to me were no longer there, and honestly, I don’t know if my heart could take seeing those dear spots missing.  Thus, I opted out of visiting and instead visiting the memories of that place, and a simpler time.

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  1. Oh, Kimberly, the loveliest images! Your boys are so handsome! Your photos have inspired the sweet adventure of memories from the first thirty years of my life. I can smell the ferry and the Sound, feel the wind. Those polished floors bring to mind a thousand ferry trips to my grandparent’s home on Fletchers Bay, Bainbridge Island. Holidays, summer vacations, and birthdays; so much family time happened there. My last ferry ride was nearly ten years ago to my dear Grandma’s memorial service. You have brought present many cherished memories and sweet tears. Thank you!

  2. oh wow !!! this is so lovely….It is funny my daughter has always talked about wanting to go to Seattle as one of her places in the US and after following your blog I can totally understand why…Love to you sweet lady

  3. Beautiful, leaves me feeling grateful for the blessing of having such precious memories and dear loved ones. They are a part of us always. You are creating this now for your boys. Truly blessed. Thank you for touching my day in such a poignant way. Hugs.

  4. Love the pictures and especially your story. I cannot believe how big the boys are getting ~ time is flying by and I feel like I am just sitting and watching it ~ I have to get off my butt I think!

  5. You might have made the right decision. It’s different for everyone. I returned to Louisiana last year. It’s a state that had brought years of sorrow as a child. I wanted my kids to understand where I came from and not just “hear” where I came from. I had not been back since I was 17. It was a really tough trip. I was overwhelmed with all of the memories. My kids were overwhelmed by the reality of it all. Yours are good memories, however, but if the memories don’t match the current reality, it can be so tough. Perhaps you are taking small steps to return…or perhaps the memories are the true gift that they left to you.

  6. Hi Kim,
    it’s joanna from montreal (berri apartment). i love your blog and also enjoyed your friend’s la porte rouge’s blog!
    i am blogging too (a long long time since i didn’t write anything though, so busy this summer with my rental thing :o)
    WAW you actually have 4 kids!!!! very impressive. i have just one for now and am pregnant of a second one. it’s going to be niece to have a week end for YOU and your friend in motnreal, i bet this doesn’t happen that often :O)
    love this post, the photos are gorgous!
    Maybe we can meet for a coffee or something sometimes in montreal!
    Warm regards

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