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Hello friends!


So, this is my first {trip to Africa extravaganza} post and I am so excited about it!  We are in the process of collecting numbers for purchasing things that are available when we arrive in Uganda.  Once we have that list I will share it with you.  I also plan to host an online auction through my facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/KTI.kimberlytaylorimages  I hope to have that up and running in March.  With all of these posts, I would be forever grateful if you would spread the word as far and wide as you can.  Yell it from the rooftops, use facebook, twitter, whatever it takes.  I really want to do everything we can to make this trip and this home as amazing as we can~

Today however I want to share one of the items that we need to purchase here in the states- something that is not available in Uganda.  As mom and I are traveling on missionary tickets we are allowed 3 suitcases each.  With one for clothing, that leaves each of us two large suitcases each to bring as much as we can to the home.  While there we will be setting up the kitchen, bringing the children in and getting life running there.  It is such an exciting time, and we hope to have as many of the necessary supplies for when we begin feeding the children.  Which brings me to this list…

First item- when mom was here last week I made her juice with my juicer.  She had never had it and I explained to her that she could get much of her nutrition in a drink first thing in the day, thus making sure she had a healthy start.  It made her think and after she returned home she realized that if we had a commercial juicer in Uganda we could get the same nutrition into the children- children who have NEVER had proper nutrition in their lives.  They plan to grow large gardens as part of their sustainability program and juicers would be the PERFECT answer to using some of that produce.  The one we want to buy is by Breville:

Breville juicer


It can be found here:  http://www.brevilleusa.com/beverages/juicers/dual-disc-juice-processor.html

It retails for $399 and I would be thrilled if someone knew how to get them donated but Breville doesn’t have a program for donations at this point.  If anyone was interested in sponsoring a juicer, that would be amazing as well.

I am also going to add a {donate} button to my sidebar.  It will connect directly to my paypal account and 100% of the money will go directly to the children, whether for clothing, medication or food and supplies.  We will bring what we raise with us to purchase things from the following list~


15 beds (triple high bunks) @125.00ea = $1,875.00

45 mattresses@ $40.00ea = $1,800.00

45 pairs of bedsheets @ $10.00ea = $450.00

45 blankets @ $25.00ea = $1,125.00

45 mosquito nets @ $5.00ea = $225.00

Installation of showers in the outside latrine = $300.00

All utinsels for cooking in the new cookhouse for children = $500.00

3 rakes @ $30.00ea = $90.00

4 shovels @ $40.00ea = $120.00

3 hoes @ 30.00ea = $90.00

10 fans for both houses @$30.00ea = $300.00


There are also so many other things- school supplies, clothing, toys- for goodness sake- especially toys!  These children have NEVER had their own toys- can you imagine giving them things to play with?!?  Mom had done a number of great updates on her website – http://jaajabarbshomeofangels.blogspot.com   You will be able to see the progress, the razor wire going on the wall and the breaking of the ground for the second house.  Exciting stuff~

uganda 1

{the kids playing with a balloon that mom brought}

That is it for now- but once again I want to thank you for your amazing support and kindness with this project.  Some of you have gone so far above and beyond, it is incredible.  You have my heart~



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3 Responses to Sponsoring {supplies}

  1. You continue to inspire me each and every day ~ you know that I love what you are doing and wish I had buckets of money to give. I am gathering what we talked about over the weekend so I will email you the pictures soon. I feel proud that I have provided a goat to the cause and it makes me tear up knowing that you will be there for the opening. xoxo

  2. Kim,

    This just gives me happy goosebumps to think of this experience for you and your family. I will help all I can.

    I agree with Lori, you always inspire me as well. Thank you for sharing your sweet heart with us!

    Saying many prayers of good fortune for this journey!


  3. Would love to send a package of goodies (toys and such) for the kids…..is there an address? Also, will def donate to the cause. I wish you and your mother the best with this project, you are angels from above! Imen x

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