so where do we go {next}?



There is something amazing about the start of a new year, don’t you think?  I love that no matter how the previous year ends, there are endless possibilities and exciting adventures to be had in the coming one.  It is a time when I look at where my path has taken me, what I would like to change and what goals I hope to achieve as I continue along the road that is my life story.


I have all sorts of ideas for 2013 and I’m so excited to share them with you.


~After doing an ecourse with some amazing friends run by this incredible dearest of mine, I decided that it would be fun to add some videos to the blog occasionally.  I really think that they would give you a better sense of who I am and they would be an opportunity for me to share some of my favorite things with you.

~I have been working on my “good old stand-by recipes” list for some time now and I want to begin sharing them with you.  These are our favorite recipes that we enjoy and that are easy to make in a pinch.  I think it is always a good thing to have a few go-to meals in your pantry and freezer.

~We are really ramping up tiggy & grace and when we stock the shop the first week of February it will be filled with not only rustic one-of-a-kind pottery but even more handmade linens and wood cutting boards- and of course that delicious smoked salt.  I know February seems like a long time from now but I have a trip planned for the third week of January and I don’t want to stock the shop until I am able to get things posted as soon as you order them.  Thus, February it is.

~Speaking of trips, I think this year may be a travel-filled one.  January will take me once again to Vermont where I will be working with this incredible inspirational friend on a number of projects that we are both excited for.  There will be a lot of work but, like last time, a lot of laughter as well.  March will take me south to California’s beautiful wine country where I will immerse myself in two days of happiness and inspiration with some of the most amazing women I know.  I am also hoping to make it to Uganda with my mama next time she heads to the children’s home.  It is my dream to photograph the opening of the home and the beautiful children that will find themselves with a roof over their head and people who love them.  I don’t know that I can put my feelings about that trip into words, and I fear that after I have been it will be even more difficult, but hopefully I will capture it in a way that will help you to understand.

~I have big dreams for the gardens this coming spring and I would love to exchange tips, ideas and plans with those of you hoping to do the same.  One of the things on my Life List is “plant a garden that will sustain us through the summer”.  Now, will this be the summer that happens?  Unlikely- but it will be good practice and I’m sure to learn a lot in the process.

~I think for me, the real focus of this year, the part that will lead all of the rest that is to follow is this: I want to be present, grateful, generous with my actions and words, focused and peaceful.  I also want to work my tail off to make my dreams – and the dreams of my family a reality.  I want to honor them and appreciate the moments we share.  I want to wake each morning with a open and thankful heart.  And I want to go to bed each evening and be appreciative for another day in my journey.

Wishing you magic my friends- and laughter. Always laughter.


I love this video

This friend sprinkles stardust on the words she weaves into beautiful tales

Want to lose yourself in beauty?




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  1. Beautiful breakfast setting! (every time I try to add a heart, it appears as a question mark … so leaving that out) :-}
    Vermont in January & California in March sounds amazing ~ what a fabulous beginning to 2013.

  2. OH what an exciting year ahead! I have to admit I’ve been rather reluctant to set “goals” for this year as there is a possibility of huge changes coming to our family… however between this and a discussion with my dear husband I realized I need to embrace this year regardless of what changes may occur! So thank you for your inspiration!

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