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I recently ran into my friend Beth at a food event in Seattle and was thrilled to be able to catch up.  She has a wonderful blog which she began not long ago and I absolutely love it.  Maybe it is summertime and the beautiful weather that inspires me to try new cocktails.  Maybe it is my infatuation with the Mad Men era.  I think the feeling of nostalgia – enjoying an evening cocktail before dinner- is making it’s way back into our culture.  Beth’s blog offers some really interesting options and spins on old favorites.  I really think you will enjoy her take on “cocktail hour”!

Her appreciation of the simple moments ties in so well with her beautiful blog.  I know I am inspired to try this gorgeous ruby gem~


My Nightly Ritual



I feel honored to be doing a Simple Moments post for my friend, Kimberly, and her beautiful website, Kimberly Taylor Images. I met Kimberly in the vintage flea market world a few years ago. Now we both share a passion for local, seasonal food, as well as organic cooking and gardening. Kimberly is also a very talented photographer, which I admire all the more, as I try to capture images of my cocktails and creations with my budding photography skills.

I appreciate recognizing all the Simple Moments that grace my path in the course of a day. One of my favorite is my nightly ritual of making my daily cocktail. Of course, I enjoy sharing a drink with friends, or going out and discovering a new happy hour spot with my husband. But I also crave solitude, and the huge gift of having some time to just be.

After dinner and the daily chores are done, and the computer is shut off, I make myself a drink. Sometimes I’ll try a new recipe, and want a totally new surprise of flavors. Sometimes I’ll be in the mood for something familiar. Currently I am addicted to this Whiskey Bing Bing.

I have a favorite place to sit on the couch. It’s usually the first time I’ve put my feet up all day. I savor that first sip. And I’m grateful for the simple peace this ritual has given me.

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