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I wanted to share some images with you of one of my favorite spaces in Seattle.  Sitka & Spruce sits on Capitol Hill and offers local seasonal menus – much of which is grown on owner Matt Dillon’s farm on Vashon Island.  However, it is the space that draws me there every time.  Located in the back of Melrose Market- a wonderful market housed in a building built in the early 1900s and renovated and reopened for business in 2010.  While visiting Melrose Market you will also find an amazing butcher shop (Rainshadow Meats), a wonderful cheese shop (Calf & Kid) as well as a coffee shop, wine shop, flower shop and gift shop upstairs.  Whenever I can, I find an excuse to visit~


sitka 4



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8 Responses to shop call {sitka & spruce}

  1. That building is designed so well. Sounds delicious too! This reminds me of a restaurant in Birmingham, MI – Commonwealth Cafe – kinda has that same vibe – and same chairs :) I really like the font they chose for their hours as well. Happy Sunday!

  2. You know Kimberly, its images like this that make me love the Seattle area. I tend to follow so many bloggers from that area! I always get a bit sentimental knowing I will never meet all of you because you live so far away!! There is just something special about the Seattle area.

    My husband is out running errands, and I have called him to try to find the magazine with your article at a little magazine shop on the bridge.

    Enjoy the afternoon.

    • Monica- never say never. Do you know some of my dearest friends have been met online and I have traveled to England, France, the east coast and beyond to spend time with them!

  3. Just finished reading the article! How wonderful. Your home is lovely, but your outlook on life is so refreshing. I will take your advice and make it more about enjoying life than about perfection. Can’t wait to read the rest of the book ;)

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