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There is something about a cozy coffee shop, don’t you think?  A place where, when you walk through the door, you are welcomed with the sound of people visiting, espresso being made and the smell of glorious coffee mixed with something delicious to eat.  One of my favorite places that fits the bill perfectly in Seattle is Oddfellows Cafe on Capitol Hill in Seattle.




The first thing I noticed about Oddfellows Cafe was the huge bank of windows covering the front which, on those beautiful sunny days here in Seattle, can be opened wide, blurring the boundaries of indoors and out. Upon entering you will find weathered brick walls, a long marble countertop at the bar and a huge collection of repurposed fixtures, tables and stools.




Housed in the historic Oddfellows building which was built in 1908 and restored in 2008, the cafe has maintained much of the original buildings character.  While renovating the space a number of treasures were discovered in the basement of the building and incorporated into the decor of the cafe.  The floors are original wood and the brick walls were also a part of the original structure.




The following is from their website:

“We source our food from predominantly local purveyors to produce beautiful, simple food using as many sustainable, organic, humane and environmentally friendly products as much as possible.”

“The interior, furnishings and fixtures at Oddfellows are 90% salvaged, recycled or repurposed.”

“All of our paper goods, paper menus, bar supplies, coffee supplies and takeout materials are between 90-100% recycled post-consumer goods and are 100% compostable.”




I love you Oddfellows…

Oddfellows Cafe + Bar

No. 1525 10th Avenue,

Seattle, WA




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  1. I love the entire place and their concept of reusing and recycling, which makes me love it even more.

    I would be perfectly happy to move right in…that blue counter would be a fabulous kitchen island and the windows are to die for!

    Thanks for the tour… my husband is from Seattle but we’ve never been to visit, unfortunately.

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