shop call {Bell’occhio San Francisco}

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The following was written by Claudia Schwartz- shop owner, curator, and all around wonderfully engaging, warm and creative woman~

“Tucked away on a little street in San Francisco, Bell’occhio, meaning “beautiful eye” in Italian, has been enchanting customers with its charming and otherworldly shopping experience for 22 years.    Owner, Claudia Schwartz, gleans select offerings from European métiers, including elegant handmade boxes, antique ribbons, down powder puffs, goat hair brushes, Provençal straw hats, French sewing notions and fine stationery.


The overall effect is that of a European dry goods shop, where each genre commands its own prominent display.   Indeed, the shopping experience at Bell’occhio immerses our customers in the atmosphere of a bustling European atelier, a house of busy little hands.   Our staff offers personal attention to customer requests ranging from product and packaging development to graphic design and calligraphy {by appointment, with our own former White House calligrapher}, bespoke bow tying, event planning and interior design.  We are known for a carefully detailed presentation of every parcel and pouch that leaves the shop and, beyond this, invite customers to commission special gift wrapping, as plain or fancy as the occasion requires.


The ideas that unify the merchandise in the store are the result of many years of passionate research into objects and experiences that make a life substantive.   In this collective chronicle we have concentrated on those objects most likely to stir a connection to the places they came from and to the people who made them.  The objects themselves may be as simple as string or as complex as fly fringe or Point de Beauvais embroidery, but the fact that they were made with dedicated attention to their purpose and effect unites them to each other, and them to us.


We are obsessed with the notion of creating in Bell’occhio a total atmosphere, one that relates seamlessly, from its evocative scent to its esoteric musical offerings and visual tableaux.  We take delight in our customers and strive to exceed their expectations.  For this reason, we are uncompromising not only in what we present to them but in how we present it.”


Thank you Claudia, for your time sharing your beautiful store and workspace with me.



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  1. Oh, I love this store and have also wanted to post about them. Secretly, I have always wanted a job there…….this is the kind of store and location I go to in my dreams……sigh. Beautiful photos! xx

  2. Gorgeous images Kimberly, I adore Claudia’s shop philosophy and I am sure it would be a delight to visit, no escaping without a few little purchases I would imagine!!
    Thank-you for visiting my blog via the lovely Jeanne xx Carla

  3. i was kind of oooing and ahhhing wondering where this was and noticed it’s san fran. we’re going there in april with the kids. do you think there is anything i can’t miss?? i’m all ears. we’ve never been:)

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