Sarlat {market}


what I wouldn't give to shop like this every day...


It was market day – and anyone who knows me knows I love me some market day. I could spend hours roaming the stalls, shooting photos of the incredible bounty offered, and talking with the vendors. In France, it is like, well, a magical experience, as there are so many things we can’t even begin to find here. Add to that the incredibly beautiful old buildings, constructed of weathered stone, and you will find me completely blissed out. The market in Sarlat was no exception.

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  1. Sarlat must be one of the most photogenic French cities. I knew you would love it. Can you believe our apartment room overlooked the market last July? Such a great location. Great shots, Kim. The paella made me hungry and it’s only 7:00am ;-) Veronique aka “Your French teacher” aka “French Girl in Seattle”

  2. Those markets in foreign countries are so unique. When we were in Germany a few years ago, I had the opportunity to happen upon one, I took some photos, but it was interesting as one vendor chose not to like me doing just that. He was selling fabric, (perhaps knock offs), I don’t know! The whole experience was like going to a department store like we have, but only it was outdoors. There were no major grocery stores there, so everyone would come there to buy their weekly groceries. Loved it! Hugs to you! Florence

  3. Oh I so want to be back there! my mother bought a beautiful gold cage braclet in that little antiques store! it’s so little inside isn’t it? did you find the vintage clothing/linens shop near the Petit Bateau??? Or the love cosmetics shop that was just full of chanel? We ate wonderful crepe in a little place in the street just behing/parallel to the main street where the market runs.

    I WANT TO GO BACK !!!!!!!

  4. I think Sarlat is one of the best markets I have been to in France. I was at the market in Beaune about a month ago and that one was quite nice also.

  5. I am so happy to have found you again Kimberly/Mimi. Your (previous) blog was the first one I ever read, and the inspiration to begin my own. I have added you to my blog roll, however because of your format, you only show up as *******. No matter, I will know who you are, and will read avidly.

  6. Hey Kimberly! What beautiful photos you have. I’m working on a tumblr project that’s a much simplified version of tastespotting or foodgawker, but with a different esthetic – lots of colour, and food that looks good enough to eat! I really like the picture of garlic in this post as well as the large image of green tomatoes in your previous post. I’m wondering if I could have permission to repost them? The entries would simply be your photo with a link back to your page – no text.



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