San Fran, farm projects, and {a dream}…

Hello friends,

I know I’ve been a bit absent lately, and I have missed posting.  The thing is, I’ve been trying to be more present in my life lately.  I spent a wonderful weekend with friends in San Francisco this past weekend and returned home completely charged and ready to get to work on some projects both indoors and in the gardens.  We enjoyed delicious meals, beautiful weather, and lots of walking.  We discovered some fabulously inspiring shops that gave us ideas on updates we all wanted to do in our homes.  And we talked- about life and home and raising children and the beauty of marriage.  It was a splendid weekend in which I didn’t take a single photo with my big camera and instead stayed present and snapped away on my phone.



Spring finally feels like it is trying to break through the clouds and cold temperatures and the sun feels absolutely divine when I am out digging in dirt.  With a  property like this, there are always new projects that arise, as well as older ones that never seem to take precedence and thus are pushed off from one year to the next.  Last year we undertook some bigger projects- a new roof on the barn and a complete renovation of the studio, inside and out.  The entire structure, as well as the house were then painted which gave everything a fresh feel.  The barn was well overdue and it was a relief to finally take that item off of the to-do list.  This year I hope to repaint Chez Poulet, the chicken coop, as well as the playhouse.  There are always garden projects that don’t really even make the list as I simply work on things as they call to me.  I enjoy adding structured things such as new bushes, trellises, or other features.  We also always plant a vegetable garden to compliment the fruit that we get every year.  And then, as anyone with a larger property knows – there is always maintenance.  That is probably our least favorite part as those items aren’t often very fun but oh so necessary.  Hopefully this year that list will be short so that we can work on other things.  Some of my “wish list” items would be to remove two trees that are really sad and old and diseased.  I would LOVE to run water to parts of the property without spouts as I would expand our gardens if I had access to water.  And, the biggest dream of all – one that I don’t even dare mention to my husband unless it is in an attempt to make him feel like it is in actuality his idea is to put the long awaited french doors in the kitchen and a big partially covered deck with our BBQ and perhaps even a simple fireplace on it.  I promise you I would eat EVERY SINGLE meal out there in the summer – breakfast, lunch, and dinner.   I would take my morning coffee in the sun while enjoying the sound of the birds.  I would sit down for lunch with the boys and talk about their plans for the afternoon, and our family would gather at our gorgeous gifted table, hopefully with guests, for dinners that would stretch into the evening, long after the sun has set, with a fire burning and candles on the table.  As you can see I have put much thought into this project.


My hope is to post more photos of the farm and the projects that we are working on in the coming months.  If things would dry out a little bit I would be able to capture something other than mud…  I will work on it!


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9 Responses to San Fran, farm projects, and {a dream}…

  1. Lovely photos from your weekend get-away (which sounded perfect)! I tad bit envious I am!

    I hear you Kimberly! I moved to this old farm over 14 years ago and have learned the list is never ending. For the first few years I’d use the phrase “when we get caught up” when talking with one of the neighbors who has the wisdom of 70 years lived right here. He said there is no such thing around here as caught up. So true. I did get those French doors off the kitchen…finally! So much yet to do and the continuous maintenance keeps calling. However, what a labor of love and what a grand way to live! I am thankful each and every day to call this farm home and be able to spend my days here with all my beloved and happy animals.

    Thanks for sharing and happy weekend to you…hoping for blue skies here too! Blessings!

  2. A marvelous trip with friends! Thank you for allowing us to travel along. It is a wonderful beautiful life, worth every bit of sweat, tears, and…an achy back!! Have a wonderful blessed Easter weeked.

  3. hey sweetie pie! last week at this time we were having our starbucks at the airport. Oh how I miss last weekend. It was such a lovely time! I hope you get your dream deck and maybe I can get my outdoor furniture and we can both eat outside as much as the temperatures allow!

  4. The weekend sounds just perfect… I understand completely when you talk about ‘farm’ and ‘projects’… that’s the beauty… they are never finished… Have a wonderful Easter Kimberly…xv

  5. That trip looks perfect! And great idea to be in the moment instead of worrying about pics or the blog. I love your farm ideas and can’t wait to see more photos soon.

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