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Hello friends~

We are working hard to get the shop restocked one last time before the holidays. I am hoping to get the shop restocked for this coming Friday morning- the 7th of December.  While some of this won’t make it in time for that date (drying can take longer than I would like at times…) I wanted to share some of the beautiful pieces coming off the wheel this weekend.  Enjoy!





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8 Responses to restocking {tiggy & grace}

  1. These are beautiful Kim…Is there some way to get them into Canada? I could help you
    deliver them up here. Chris has really developed a talent making them. Good job!

  2. Kim, they are just beautiful! Now I have a small confession to make… remember how I said I didn’t look at the bowls after I received them as they were my Christmas present (yes I shop for myself these days as oftentimes Chris can’t get to a non-government website during the day at work)… Well as I rewrapped them today, I snuck a peak. Just a tiny one… of a single edge… just a bit of one 3 inch sliver of a side. And I am smitten! Can we open presents tomorrow?!? Now if only I knew what I was getting everyone else. Well, just the youngest and eldest. I think the elder and I might be going cloths shopping… at thrift and consignment shops!! He has discovered you can sometimes get a good deal. And the young one is probably getting a room makeover complete with taking his bed off the wall and possibly converting into a true pallet bed. He is simply in love with them!

    Have a wonderful day!!

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