point {&} shoot **love**


I spent much of today with a good friend and our cameras. It was sort of fabulous. We had lunch here, there was a lot of sunshine, and we spent time walking around Seattle, spending time here. Sort of fabulous indeed.

I brought a point and shoot – on purpose. I wanted to work on my street photography. I am also trying to determine the right point and shoot as I need something little that I can bring everywhere with high resolution. While I LOVE Ruby – my large camera, I am finding that I don’t bring her everywhere as she is so damn heavy. Developing-shoulder-problem heavy. Thus, the search is on for the perfect tiny camera – simple yet functional. I am pretty happy with some of the shots I got today – seeing as street photography is right up there in my talent list with shooting weddings and people in general. No, not that high up on the skill list… However, I had fun, and that is what matters in the end~

I also had some fun playing with lightroom presets – similar to actions in photoshop. I love the look of film but don’t love the cost of developing film~






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4 Responses to point {&} shoot **love**

  1. Megan b. says:

    Totally know what you’re talking about when it comes to those heavy cameras…. lovin the ease of the point and shoots.

    Still in love with your blog…your creativity and photography never disappoints…


  2. Mikal says:

    LOVE the pricing tags at the market! You’ve got the touch, even with a point and shoot…. hope the day had a bit of sunshine in it too!

  3. Hey, I am with you Kim. I love my point and shoot. Most of the pics on my blog are taken with that baby! Of course, I am not as skilled as you are (as demonstrated, once again, in these shots) but I get the message across, right?! ;-) Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

  4. Lori says:

    Love those peaches! You have the eye and no matter if you are using your super duper Ruby or little point and shoot ~ your photos are fabulous. xo

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