{photos from the farm} summertime!

I realize that many of you are not on Instagram- and yet that is where I feel I am spending most of my time this summer.  I haven’t been online a lot but Instagram is so easy as photos of daily life can be posted from my phone on the go.  It is a great way to keep in touch with what is happening on the farm this summer.  If you want to follow along I can be found under kimberlytaylorimages


We are in the middle of a fabulous fruit season.  I have made many trips to local markets and fruit farms to buy flats of fruit- mainly blueberries, raspberries, and apricots.  I have been making jam as well as freezing fruit for the coming winter, when it is always nice to pull out fruit from the summer to use in desserts and smoothies.  We have even had a large crop of raspberries here on the farm and I have frozen a number of large freezer bags of them.  I never wash them before freezing as the water messes with the freezing process.  I always freeze everything on cookie sheets over night and then put them in the ziplock bags once they are completely frozen.  They tend to keep their shape and freeze so nicely this way.


Have you been making anything with the summer bounty from the gardens and local farmer’s markets?  I would love to hear about it!


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6 Responses to {photos from the farm} summertime!

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for the great tips on freezing raspberries. We have been on a berry binge too and I’d love to get more to stock up for the fall/winter. Do you usually freeze blueberries the same way? Can stone fruits be frozen too? Looks like I need to research…

  2. I love seeing your Instagram photos on Twitter! They did come out with an app for the android phones but alas I need an upgrade as my phone is not compatible…. Loving the shots of Grammy ~ the raspberry bushes at the farm should be ready any day!

  3. Such cheery, happy summertime moments captured here! I would love to grow raspberry and blueberries. Sunday morning, a special treat, the air was sweet with the scent of blackberries! Though they are not quite ripe, soon I will be making a dessert from the latest issue of Souvenir.

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