our biggest {creatively made home} giveaway!


Hello friends,

I hope you have had a wonderful long weekend, and if you have children returning to school, that you, like me, are enjoying knowing that they are back to where they are expanding their minds, learning about friendship, sharing, and working together, and most importantly- CLEARING OUT FROM 9-4!! Oh, did I just yell that?  I apologize- especially to those of you who are feeling sad about not having your sweet children home with you all day like you did on summer break.  And don’t get me wrong- in June when we are counting the days until summer break begins, I am all over it.  I LOVE the idea of no schedule, long days at the beach, bonfires and staying up late, and simply doing what you want.  But after a month or so of that, when the bickering and the “I’m booored” and the constant state of disaster that our house seems stuck in- I have had enough.  I long for schedules and routines and quiet during the day so that I can actually make my deadlines.  So, while some of you may feel heavy hearted today, I know I am not alone in rejoicing at the quiet that fills our home.  Bring on the mimosas!


I am really excited about now that I have time again to focus on projects big and small is the Creatively Made Home e-course that I have been working on with four of my truly talented friends.  And in celebration of back to school and the coming of Autumn- I AM GIVING AWAY TEN FREE SPOTS IN THE CLASS!  As I know what is coming and have seen some of the content that is going to be a part of the course, I can’t wait to share it with as many of you as possible.


Creatively Made Home Trailer from Jeanne Oliver on Vimeo.



One thing that I have been working on are videos of projects that I do every summer here on the farm.  As I am not really a crafter – thankfully some of the other girls are- the projects I am working on involve things like harvesting things that we have grown that can be used for gifts or making delicious treats that make wonderful hostess or guest gifts.  They are things that anyone can do when we slow down and really appreciate all that we have surrounded ourselves with.  I know for us, sending a guest home with a little piece of the farm brings us happiness.  We love creating things that can be given to those we love as a reminder of their time in our home with us.  From the pottery my husband makes to jams, jellies, or salted caramel, it is always fun to send them home with something.



We will also be sharing our homes- our personal decor styles, color palettes, and how we came to mix pieces we love to create our own sense of home.  We will be asking participants to send in a photo of a room that they are having a difficult time decorating and each week all five of us will comment on a photo that we choose as to what we would do in the room.  That is FIVE different takes on how a room could be transformed into something you absolutely love!



The course will also cover entertaining.  Each participant will receive an ebook on easy entertaining- tips and tricks on sharing your home with others preparing wonderful meals shared with those you love.  There will be recipes and ideas on how make gathering in your home a wonderful experience not only for your guests but for you as well.  I know I used to struggle with that- always working so hard to make everything perfect but not actually enjoying the process.  Thankfully I have found ways to make our home a place that is comfortable for our guests and make entertaining a lot of fun for us as well~


All of the details of the course- start dates, what is included, etc. can be found HERE.


The biggest giveaway will be that at the end of the course we will be one person randomly from the class to win a one of one consultation (with the hostess of their choice) for a FIVE ROOM CONSULTATION by phone and email.  The person the winner chooses will offer ideas and inspiration on their five rooms.



I think the thing that I am most excited about is that the five of us bring such a wide range of styles to this course.  Thus, you can pick and choose which parts work best for you in your home and what you think would make that home a place that you are happy to return to each and every day.


So- how to win…

To enter, facebook, tweet, or blog about the course.  Link back to THIS POST and then leave a comment in the comments on what you did.  Please leave a new comment each time you do something else so that you receive multiple entries.  And good luck!  I mean it- I am so excited for you to share this course with us- it will be interactive and you really will get a chance to talk to the girls and get the help you need.  We really are so excited about it~


Winners will be drawn on September 10th~


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24 Responses to our biggest {creatively made home} giveaway!

  1. This course is my back to school present to myself – whether I win a chance, or pay for it – I can’t wait to see what you lovelies have created for us!!

  2. Kim! I’m so excited for this giveaway! I have wanted this ever since Jeanne first announced it. I’d love a chance to take this course from you and your wonderfully talented friends. xox

  3. Thanks for the chance to win a place on this course. I’m sure it will be amazing and will be a huge benefit to someone like me, who is in a decorating rut!
    Good luck to me :)

  4. I just started lurking after I read your intro on Dreamy Whites. Your experience of moving a lot as a child, but establishing roots is the inverse of mine: same house from age 0 to 18 & then 18 years of nomadic existence. But I still want to create that sense of being HOME for my four munchkins & dear husband — as well as for me!

    I FaceBooked about the contest. Thanks!

  5. Bonjour mon amie. Planning to post on my Facebook pages and Twitter and the blog ASAP! Would love to participate and have a chance to bridge the distance from here to there! (and it’s in ENGLISH too!!)

    Also, feel free to come over in person to let me know that I won one of the spots… we can have coffee, pain au chocolat and catch-up. Just let me know when to pick you up at CDG…..

    xx Cat

  6. Oh my. I would love to win a space on this course….i am completely overwhelmed with what to do with our house….we self built on the farm 5 years ago, and I am STILL trying the balance/meld my former citified aesthetic with country living…..which can feel -perplexing- so, I am mostly doing…..nothing! HELP! Kimberly, I loved seeing snaps of your house…really inspiring. Will share via social media.
    All Best,
    Imen x

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