no spring, {yet}

Happy Monday! It is day 1 of spring break, and I wish I was filling you in on the progress in the gardens, the sprouts shooting through the soil on their way to becoming part of our farmhouse meals. I wish I had photos of sweet lambs playing in the sunshine, chicks running around on the lawns – well, you get the picture.

Alas, that is not the case today. You see, there is no sunshine. No warm breezes, blooming gardens, sprouting vegetables. The lambs dislike the rain, it is too cold for the chicks to be out. Basically, it simply doesn’t feel a lot like spring.

That being said, I am happy to say that my favorite produce store – Yakima Fruit Market – is open again. They close every year from Halloween until March. I am always so happy when they re-open as it means spring is coming. They have a large covered area – thank goodness – that is filled with spring flowers, vegetable starts, and LOTS of herbs! I can’t wait to buy flats of all three and get them planted. However that won’t be happening until the damn rain stops coming down. Can you tell that I am over it?

Have a fabulous week mes amies – I hope it is warmer (and dryer) where you are!

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  1. ah, we’ve had the rain and the gloom as well. We had sunshine on the weekend but it hasn’t been warm enough or sunny enough, long enough for anything to get going in the garden. Aren’t we blessed to be able to go to nurseries and garden markets to see the beauty of what has already been in flower through greenhouses? It gives us much to look forward to. May the sun come out for the remainder of your spring break!

  2. Beautiful spring nursery photos, and the super cute chicks in your prior post! I’m going to check out the Yakima Fruit Market this year. I know the rain is crazy here this year. I can’t wait for the sunny spring days to return…hopefully soon :)

  3. Well, here’s a good reason to stick around the Pacific Northwest this spring: Yakima Fruit Market has officially re-opened! Thanks for the good news Kim!

  4. It is warmer and drier here.. HINT HINT HINT. Miss you awfully but would love to come and visit your lovely fruit and vege market…
    xxx Love my dear friend :)

  5. Look at all of those herbs! I don’t think I have seen so many herbs in one greenhouse. I am envious. Whenever I see pots of them here I snatch them up because the next time, they are gone! I am itching to get to the strawberry patch we discovered last year.

  6. Wow that market looks amazing! I am jealous, although we are supposed to have sunshine and 70 today…I did plant spring flowers over the weekend to include some of those pretty English Daisies pictured above. Makes me happy even when the temps drop. I also started seeds for the garden last night – so here’s to hoping for spring right with you!

  7. Hey Kim . . . sooooo ready for some sunshine as well . . . as I too am over all this rain! As I look out side this morning . . . I am seeing a bit of sunshine and blue skies . . . lets hope it sticks around!! Miss you!! Hope you are having a wonderful spring break with the boys!! xoxo – liz

  8. We had a nice day here today warm but threatened rain off and on. I am over it too Kim ~ we had snow on Friday ~ blah! Thank goodness I have sunshine and warmth to look forward to the end of the month ~ then when I get home it will be time to work outside… hoping, hoping…. xo

  9. well that market is screaming spring to me! it’s damn cold isn’t it. My chickens have begun to fly the coop – I’ve found two of them in the house today.

  10. I love the tulip photo. Have you ever been to the tulip festival? It’s been a few years since I went, I would love to go again. I hope you get to enjoy some outside time today!

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