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Hello dear readers~

I am afraid I have been rather absent again, and while I feel a bit sad about it, mostly I feel so incredibly inspired by the things I have been doing instead of blogging.  Hopefully these things will in turn become wonderful things on which to share- I’m quite certain they will.




I have been reading the book “7-an experimental mutiny against excess” by Jen Hatmaker (she wrote this little gem that was my first indication I would be soon head over heels for this girl) and honestly, it has been life changing.  Life. Changing.  In the two days that I have been reading it I have:

~looked around at what we have, really “seen” how much that is, and begun to really consider where it is we want to go from here

~pulled 7 bags from our home to bring to our local charity this week

~gotten creative about meals and using what we already have rather than my usual impulse buying at the grocery

~looked at what we are eating- not the healthy balanced dinners we eat together, but the rest of it – school lunches (packaging waste, processed foods), breakfasts (cereals that sound healthy until you read the ingredients) and nearly everything we eat out when we are in a hurry

~stopped my car by the side of the road to approach a man who was on the sidewalk, most likely homeless, barely conscious, likely having had a bit too much of the bottle and clearly in need of help

~looked at how much time I spend in front a screen- namely this computer and my iPhone and decided that isn’t the place I want to spend the precious hours I have

And the best part, the part that gave me the boost I needed to do a post today?  I have gone through things that I had been saving for, well, for what?  A rainy day?  The day I started doing crafts?  I have no idea as honestly, these things have been here for some time now.  But not for much longer!  Today I clearly saw that my “love language” (which, by the way, I am just throwing out as a reference word- I have never read “the book” on love languages, but I’m pretty sure my love language is a registered language…  you know, from “the book”…) is gifting.  I LOVE giving- love love love.  I find so much more joy in giving than receiving- seriously.  I love seeing something that I know someone I care about would love and I can never wait until an appropriate time to give it to them.  This is probably the reason that in our home birthdays and Christmas don’t hold a lot of value in the “gift” department.  For us, those days are about family and gathering and food and love.  The gifts are so secondary.  But not the rest of the year- as I take every opportunity I have to gift away!

I am trying to find ways to gift things from the farm.  I used to give away eggs all summer long, but as we have far fewer girls these days, there are also fewer eggs.  Lately I have been giving away poppy seeds as I really love the poppies that I have harvested from so far.  Case in point:



Poppy seeds are easy to harvest, easy to share, easy to store and the best part is that they are something we grew, right here on our little farm.  Herbs are another thing that is easy to harvest and share- I dry oregano (I gathered my first three bunches to dry today and they are already hanging in the kitchen) every year and then label little plastic envelopes as it seals in the flavor when it is airtight.  Lavender- that is another easy giftable growable option.  Not to mention your parcel smells wonderful when it arrives.  This year we began keeping bees in hopes of adding honey to our list of gift options.  Oh, and jam- I LOVE making jam with fresh fruit, so that is definitely another idea.

What about you?  Do you have things you love to give?  Things that perhaps you made, or grew, or baked?  How to you package it?  I really would love to know~

I hope you had a wonderful weekend- I hope you got out and did something wonderful, or adventurous or relaxing or exciting.  I hope you ate great food, saw a bit of the sun, and stopped to see how many wonderful things you have in your life.  Sometimes when life gets busy or hectic or stressful it is difficult to find the good parts, but if you take the time to stop and really notice, you will see that the good really does outweigh the bad.

Have a fabulous week my friends,



She clearly gets how one can really fall for a good read

I’m a bit more than envious of her new life in the french countryside

This girl knows how to write and inspire in the process

An easy and absolutely delicious summer meal

And as I am a huge fan of citrus- a lime tart sounds divine!








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8 Responses to my {love} language

  1. oh girl~ I’m so excited about this! I feel like your toes are dangling over the edge of a grand adventure. :) Be ready. ;0)

  2. I just ordered that book also and can’t wait to read it! As for gifting I too love giving homemade items as time is such a precious commodity so seems like the gift means even more when someone poured their heart and precious time in it. Jelly is a fav gift at the moment.

  3. You know I’m going to have to go out and buy that book right now don’t you!! And add it to the 37 unread ones by my bedside… Which I promise I WILL get through slowly. One at a time.
    Oh do hurry up and come back. I miss you so.
    And am now going to raid some poppies for their seeds. The fields are full of them around here… So much love to you!!

  4. I,too, read 7 & it REALLY resonated w/me! I’ve modified a bit, but am following some of the same fasts are Jen. It’s very eye opening to see what has my heart!

  5. Lovely post mon amie. Your Poppy images are stunning! I can only imagine how they look in person! Thank you for the link too. Envy right back at you my friend. And now I am off to go write a blog-post about poop. Yes, poop. Ah the life!

    xxoo Cat

  6. I read this post the other day and wanted to return when I had a moment. I’m definitely curious about the book you’ve just read and will be picking up a copy this weekend. Of course I had to read the ‘little gem’ you mentioned and I never laughed so much. Now there’s a gal I could be friends with that’s for sure. I love her realness.
    Regarding gift giving, I like how you choose such heartfelt gifts from your farm. I think that’s the essence of a loving gift, when there’s a personal meaning or sentimental touch about it. I’ve often felt that way about my parties. Over the years, I’ve taken special care to create lovely tablescapes and fun parties for others and now I realize that it’s my way of giving. People will say, ‘wow that’s so much work,” but I don’t experience it that way. It’s very much an act of love, and I realize that now. Thanks for the lovely post, and I sure appreciate the link. What a nice surprise.
    Leslie aka Gwen Moss

  7. The other day Geoffrey told me that I am ‘on my computer all the time and we never have fun anymore’. It broke my heart. Anyway, I can relate to what your posting (as per usual) and good for your for de-cluttering in many ways! I loved the poppy seeds that you gifted me Kim, should I have planted them by now? Look forward to the Auction for Africa. Love + Light, Imen xx

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