{My Life List}

My life list. Not something I had really thought about until today. Oh, I had tried a “40 before 40″ list, but that didn’t go very far. Maybe I wasn’t in the right place. Who knows if I am now. Alas, after reading this by Jeanne, then following her link to Erin, who credits Maggie with starting this whole movement, I decided to take the plunge. These wildly inspiring women have given me the push I needed to make a list of things that I dream of doing. Some of them are simple, some a bit outrageous, but all are potentially do-able. I will admit it took me a while to come up with 50. What does that say about me? Does it say I don’t have a lot of dreams? Does it mean that by struggling to find them, I am holding myself back, not believing I can do them? Or does it mean that I feel like my life is so wonderful, filled with such amazing people and incredible adventures, that I can’t imagine dreaming for more. I don’t know, truly. But I did get a list put together, and I plan to stick with this one, crossing off things as I complete them. The interesting thing will be seeing if I am able to get them done – I am excited to try! Any suggestions, assistance, or support that you might offer in completing this list will be greatly appreciated.

My Life List

1. make money making photos- check!! 
2. plant a garden that sustains us through the summer
3. keep bees
4. spend a summer in France with my family  travel to shoot humanitarian efforts
5. rent a cabin on the island my grandparents lived on with my family for a week in the summer
6. take a writing workshop
7. go on a road trip
8. go to Alameda with girlfriends- spring with two fabulous friends- check!
9. own a Frenchie – CHECK! meet M. Petit Louis!!
10. go on a trip with my mom
11. take each of my boys on a special “just for them” trip
12. learn to pull Mabel
13. visit the village where my French ancestors lived
14. see the grave of my great great great great grandfather in France
15. go back to India
16. visit Vietnam
17. travel to Africa (and bring a little girl back…)
18. start an annual girls get-away long weekend with inspiring friends- it’s started – Check!
19. rent an apartment in Paris for a few weeks by myself
20. collect all the old family recipes I have and put them together in a usable format
21. shoot a roll of film
22. be hired to shoot a business for their marketing/PR
23. make butter
24. have a proper family photo taken
25. make a new recipe every day for a month  find a way to leave a legacy
26. Do a website make-over
27. visit my brother and sister-in-law in Arizona
28. visit my brother and sister-in-law in Colorado
29. go on a trip with my dad and all of my boys
30. rent a cottage on the beach in hawaii with our boys
31. visit the “other” Blackberry Farm  find a run down piece of property and renovate it into a wonderful home away from home
32. replace all broken glass panels in any of our windows
33. build a deck off of our kitchen- getting so close on this one!
34. put french doors out to the deck
35. visit the south pacific
36. learn to make tagine
37. raise meat chickens
38. take a class at the pantry at Delancey- or two – Check!
39. build a greenhouse
40. host a farm-to-table dinner on the farm
41. eliminate the excess clutter in our home
42. shoot a cheese shop in Paris
43. visit Paris on business
44. stay in a cabin by myself for a weekend with no technology to experience silence
45. take #4 to the peninsula – and any other # that wants to go
46. shop only at farmer’s markets for a month
47. renew our vows in a terribly romantic ceremony
48. meet Ina Garten- Check!
49. see the upper east coast in the autumn- Check- Autumn 2012
50. complete everything in this list

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29 Responses to {My Life List}

  1. That is quite some list you got there. I love it and it is truly inspiring. You have got my wheels turning. I have been thinking of something similar lately. I will spend some time on my week off to do my vision board. That will be my first step. Can’t wait to hear about your progress on the list.
    xoxo Zizette

  2. I just read Jeanne’s list Kim and I love yours too. I can see you accomplishing each and every thing on that list as you are not a dreamer you are a do-er. xo

  3. beautiful list kim, so inspiring and i have no doubt that you will accomplish this list and more, life has away of making room for things we had not envisioned or hoped for as well. you guys have inspired me to write one for myself!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! Do you have another list with Mr Taylor or for your family?

    I highly recommend making butter and a class at The Pantry at Delancey.

    I would like to add number 51 – visit Australia!

  5. Loved reading your list :) And they all seem very do-able, I read this and thought to myself….”that girl is going to do ALL of these”!!

    I wrote a list 5 years ago, 1 year ago and am working on one right now, it’s fun to do.

    Despite saying that we might not do it this year, I have booked FOUR WHOLE WEEKS in the south of France for August this year….there’s always space for my Seattle bestie ;) xx

    PS Love that photo of you….you are BEAUTIFUL.

  6. Love love love your list. I have been debating compiling a 40 before 40 list. I think I need to! Several of your items would also be mine. So fun. And I am visiting the “other” Blackberry farm this summer finally!! (I have dreamt of it for several years).

  7. First, I think you and Jeanne need to collaborate on some of your list items, especially those involving Paris — how awesome would it be for the two of you to be there at the same time? But the real key is choosing a few to tackle at a time. That might make this way more manageable. You can do it!

  8. Love this list. I’ve done several of the things on your list…..and have several others on mine yet to be crossed off. :) I always have such a hard time with this list because I think some of my life list items might be over the top. I’ll have to edit a bit. ha!

  9. Kimberly,

    Through following you on Pinterest and after reading your Life List, it appears that we hold many similar goals/interests. Of course, you have already accomplished many of the goals that I have yet to attain-such as raising chickens.
    You take beautiful photos and you have a very creative photographer’s eye.

    Enjoy following your dreams with your friends and family at your side!


  10. “rent a cabin on the island my grandparents lived on with my family for a week in the summer”

    I like this one. You should amend it to include the following:

    1] staying at G&G’s house
    2] one giant bag of black licorice and one of red licorice
    3] accompanied by us

  11. […] Each year I take some time at the end of December to come up with a list of aspirations for the coming year. I love the idea of having things to work towards and even sitting down and writing out the list is cathartic in it’s own way.   It requires me to really sit down and think about what my priorities are for the immediate future and what changes I would like to make in the coming year.  My list tends to be rather broad- travel to someplace I have never been and document it.  Grow tiggy & grace.  Move more.  Invest in my inner bohemian.  Find my zen place.   Eat healthier.  Choose happy.  If I need specifics I tend to refer to my life list. […]

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