My crush on {Marche St George} and a winner!

Yesterday I took a trip to Vancouver to run #2 up for a few days. While there I took the opportunity to stop by Marche St George. I have long followed their blog and have frequently drooled over the beautiful photos on it. I love the feel of the space and knew that I would love it even more when I visited. Seeing it in person was even better than I imagined. Before even opening the front door I was greeted by wood crates filled with local produce and sweet Christmas trees for sale. It reminded me of little shops in France. The shop itself was absolutely divine – comfortable and inviting and the perfect community gathering spot. It offered delicious baked goods, wonderful big bowls of coffee, and other fine edibles, as well as a dry-goods section filled with specialty items not often found in my local shops. If you know me at all, you know that a little dream was begun the moment I entered their shop. A dream of a sweet space like that somewhere close to the farm.

I was fortunate to visit on the last day of their holiday pop-up shop. In another space in the building they had tables filled with linens, napkins, and wonderful towels. There were gorgeous knitted sweaters, hats, and scarves. There were beautiful table runners, shawls, wraps, and delicate white pottery. My favorite part of the entire sale was the fabulous esthetic they created with their mix of linens, grays, whites, and weathered wood. If only our home had that same feel every day~

As you might notice, I didn’t get a lot of wide shots of the shop. That would be because it was PACKED the entire time I was there. People were buying Christmas gifts, enjoying coffee with friends, and purchasing produce and dry goods. It was amazing, and inspiring, and oh so wonderful. I would also like to add that the owners are absolutely darling – and he is (I believe) French Canadian. He speaks to their little girl in French – a little girl so darling I was tempted to whisk her away to the farm. How cute would a little French girl be here with all of these boys??? However, I decided to let her stay with her lovely parents, in hopes of being able to visit the shop again in the future.

If you are in Vancouver I highly suggest you visit this absolutely charming shop. You may not want to leave once you do…

Now, for the winner of this fabulous holiday give-away! I apologize for taking so long – I went away for a couple of days and forgot to do it before I left. So, this morning I asked #4 to pick his favorite number between one and 66. And after *much* thought I am happy to announce that Tammy of Something Old, Something Fabulous is the winner! Congratulations Tammy – so nice to “meet” you!!! Please email me your address at and I will post your fabulous prizes!


If you didn’t win, the FABULOUS Tippy Stockton has offered all of my readers a 20% off coupon to shop in her beautiful shop! Simply go to and use the code: HAPPY! to receive your discount!

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7 Responses to My crush on {Marche St George} and a winner!

  1. What a wonderful shop. I’ll bet that was such a delight to be able to add that stop into your itinerary. That photo of the cat is gorgeous. Happy Holidays to all of you. I enjoy your blog so much and its such a delight to check in and “visit” your world.

  2. Another place to put on my BC list which is growing!! No plans yet to fly west but you will be the first one to hear when I do! It looks like a fabulous spot Kim and once again you captured the essence of it perfectly. xo

  3. How i love Marche St- George, i have been following there blog for a while now.
    i do wish i was car ride away! next time i will send you some money and let you shop for me:)!
    gorgeous pics! the pop up shop looks amazing! to have a mocha there and a pastry heavenly!

  4. I want to go so badly! Maybe over Christmas break if I am really sweet to my husband?? This looks like an amazing place! I love your taste girl! Have a very merry Christmas!!!

  5. I’ve been DYING to visit, Kimberly!!! I’ve been following them for awhile, as well. After seeing them featured on a blog sometime/somewhere I’ve been smitten! Would love a place like this myself. Dream a little dream. Or, maybe I’ll just live vicariously? If not through them, then through you? ;)

    Happy Holidays to you and yours! Happy New Year! :)

  6. I was so confused when I read this – at first I thought someone in the US had the exact same shop at we have here. Then I read you were here in Vancouver. This is one of my favourite places to go for coffee – and the food is fabulous too. Next time you are going there, let me know and I’ll meet you!
    Merry Christmas to you and your farm family.

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