my crush on {granville island}

This past weekend our family traveled north to a place handsome husband and I have both called *home* at one time or another. We were going to spend a little time in Vancouver, and then head to the Sunshine Coast to make some wonderful memories with his family. It was a magical weekend all around, and our time spent on Granville Island reminded me of how much I used to love spending time there and how much I miss having it close by.

We were blessed with beautiful weather which made walking around the market and shops a pleasure. Of course I had my camera in hand and took more photos this weekend than I have in a long time. There was so much to shoot! We spent time with my uncle and his girlfriend on Friday night, enjoying fish and chips, not to mention game 5 of the Stanley Cup playoffs in which Vancouver is one of the two final teams. There was a lot of excitement in the city and it was great to be a part of it all.

The greatest part of our time in Vancouver was that we actually stayed on Granville Island this time – at the Granville Island Hotel. We usually stay in the city, either at the Four Seasons or Opus, but as I was really excited about shooting as much of the market as I could in our short time there, it seemed to make more sense to stay right there. It was brilliant! The littles LOVED it (the bigs were staying on the north shore on Friday night) and we had some great time just walking around the island, playing at the park, looking at the art, and eating in the market.

Another great thing about staying on the island was the ability to *sneak* out for bits here and there to wander and shoot. I didn’t feel like I was abandoning my sweet family, and yet I was able to stop where ever I wanted and take my time at spots that I wanted to capture. I also came home with a LOT of photos of the littles which was nice as sometimes it is difficult to focus only on them and capture those moments when life gets busy.

The thing I love about Granville Island is that it is the perfect spot to grab a newspaper, a coffee, and a treat and then plant yourself somewhere to enjoy the sound of life on the water and all of the fabulous people watching.

The selection of produce is outstanding – I found things that I have never seen here. I love how fresh everything is, and the vibrant colors and beautiful displays beg to be photographed. I left wishing we had the market close by as I know I would do much of my shopping there.

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  1. :)
    it’s one of my favourite places in vancouver.
    i love shooting it too and am always amazed at how “big” the produce is. love it!

    p.s. my friend is one of the managers at the Opus. :)

  2. Great post Kim. I love Granville Island too. For years, we stayed at the Granville Island Hotel when we visited Vancouver just so I could walk to the market on my own at least once a day ;-)

  3. What a beautiful market Kim ~ puts anything we have here to shame!! Your photos are fantastic and you truly captured the moment ~ so glad you had a great week-end. xo

  4. I can almost smell the salt air and all the different food stalls in your images Kimberly! Nice job with the colors, textures and more difficult; the vibe of Granville. Makes me want to visit again IMMEDIATELY:)

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. Merci for your shots~
    I love Granville Island.As a Vancouverite I am very lucky to have the market.
    Whenever the nostalgia of my french childhood set in, I go there with my girl and
    I think I am in France again with the abundance of fresh products.
    I discovered your blog by chance and I will pop in again for sure.

  6. Isn’t it wonderful there? I haven’t been there in ages, and I really don’t have much of an excuse..I don’t live that far away! A paradise for foodies and photographers alike. Great space for people watching too.
    Your mention of the Sunshine Coast sent me swirling into wonderful memories. My parents used to live there in a little area called Secret Cove. I am still homesick for that place, so many years later.
    Perhaps I should take a road trip this summer. :)

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