{aspirations} for 2013

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Each year I take some time at the end of December to come up with a list of aspirations for the coming year. I love the idea of having things to work towards and even sitting down and writing out the list is cathartic in it’s own way.   It requires me to really sit down and think about what my priorities are for the immediate future and what changes I would like to make in the coming year.  My list tends to be rather broad- travel to someplace I have never been and document it.  Grow tiggy & grace.  Move more.  Invest in my inner bohemian.  Find my zen place.   Eat healthier.  Choose happy.  If I need specifics I tend to refer to my life list.


This past year brought with some significant changes in my life.  After 18 years of having a child at home with me throughout the day, I found myself with 6 free hours to do with what I please, nearly every single day.  At first I was giddy- I giggled.  A lot.  I then settled in to a routine of getting everything that had to be done, which still left me with quite a lot of time unaccounted for.  I began spending more time on my photography- doing actual jobs with actual paychecks.  I worked with a stylist for the first time and was thrilled with the results.  But I still had more time…


One thing you should know about me is that I don’t “do nothing” very well.  I don’t often “relax”.  I like to be productive and if I’m not, I find ways to be.  Thus tiggy & grace was born.  Through my love of being in the kitchen, my appreciation of beauty and function and having a husband who creates beautiful pottery, I found a way to combine it all and share it with others.  While it began with rustic pottery, simple linens and my very favorite smoked salt, I have plans to add some wonderful things in 2013 – all made in the USA.  I am really excited about what will come.


As I also thrive on travel, I have a few trips planned for the coming year.  The one I am hoping most to take is with my mama- to Uganda.  While it is still in it’s “dream” phase, I really hope to make it a reality.  The children there have stolen my heart and I want to go and get to know the country so that one day I can take my boys with me.  There seems to be such beauty and light in the faces of the children and I would love to wrap my arms around them and capture their glow with my camera.  I hope that everything can be finished in the next few months and the children are able to be moved in soon.   If you haven’t visited my mama’s website to see the progress, you can find it here.


Another thing I love to do in the new year is find a word that will serve as my mantra throughout the coming year.  I was inspired by Ali Edwards’ post on it a few years back.  Her post this year can be found here.  This year my word will be BELIEVE.  There are so many things that I believe will become reality in 2013 and I want that feeling of “anything can happen” to help me soar through the year.  I have big dreams in 2013 and I do believe that they all can come true with hard work and faith.


I have a good feeling about the coming year.  There is change on the horizon, but I think it is good change, healthy change, positive change.  I think there is growth in my future and while sometimes growth comes with growing pains, I think that in the end they will create strength and wisdom and contentment.



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4 Responses to {aspirations} for 2013

  1. I hope your dream of going to Uganda with your Mom will become a reality and if anyone can make it happen ~ you are the one to do it! Love your word ~ it is one of my favourite words ~ does that make sense to like words?? Would love an east coast trip in your future so we can finally meet up ~ that would be a dream for me. xo

  2. I love your aspiration to come to Uganda with me….that is the best. After today at Amani Baby Cottage, you will never be the same and I don’t know if that is a good thing. All I know is that you will love it and so will I if you come…Love you

  3. Great post as always my friend….I am sitting here listening to the ocean watching my family play monopoly…..My word last year was happiness and this year I think it will be HOPE something about that word just makes me feel content and look forward to every minute of my future as a mum, wife and designer :) Love to you all xo

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