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While I was in Montreal last month the opportunity was presented to me (by this dear friend) to shoot an amazing simple yet productive space.  Something I have realized lately is that shooting spaces is an absolute passion.  I love walking in to an inspiring shop, restaurant or kitchen and picturing how it would look as a set of photographs.  I am excited by industrial surroundings- wood and cement and metal, well-used tools and well-worn surfaces.  There is something about a space that has history, that lives have passed through and stories have played out.  It is as if those who have walked before are still there, quietly occupying the corners, keeping watch over those that have come after them.


On this trip I was introduced to Montreal bagels at St-Viateur Bagel shop.  Now, I don’t know if you have had the extreme pleasure of enjoying a true Montreal bagel but let me tell you, if you haven’t, you must.  They are divine- dense and a bit skinny and not cake-y like so many of the bagels elsewhere.  I don’t know if it was that I experienced the care and attention that went into making these bagels- the pride of those actually hand-making each. and. every. one.  However, there is something valuable in watching something you are going to eat made from start to finish.  I gained an incredible appreciation for those delicious round seeded treats as well as the men that made them.











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  1. Excellent job..I think some of our NYC friends would argue that the local water used in New York bagels makes them superior…lol

  2. I adore shooting lovely spaces too. There are so many times when I enter a shop and I regret not packing my camera! But now I carry it everywhere so that when I stumble upon a delicious bagel shop, I can photograph it.

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