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Taking a class at the Pantry at Delancey in Ballard is was number 38 on my “Life List“.  I am excited to report that it has now been crossed off!  Earlier this week I had the great fortune of receiving an email from a friend here in Seattle who, lucky for me, had an extra spot in a class she had somehow gotten in to.  You see, it takes mere moments from when the new class schedule at the Pantry is released until it is filled.  Seriously people – it goes that quickly.  If you aren’t online when it is published, best of luck securing a spot…  And after going to a class myself I can see why.  I am already looking forward to the next one!  They offer a wide range of subjects – from pizzas and soufflés to cheese making, heirloom beans, breakfasts, and carnival treats!  There really is something for everyone and I could get excited about most of the list – if I could get in.  Thankfully they have a wait list if you really want to take a particular class.




Let me start by saying the space is absolutely fabulous.  I would love for our home to have the same feel as the Pantry does.  It’s white wood walls and ceiling are a great blank canvas for the wonderful wood table that runs the entire length of the room.  It is a gorgeous piece that is the right height to either stand and work or sit on the stools while listening to the instructor or eating.  The blue metal stools add a pop of color to a space that is filled with industrial pieces and every kitchen tool you could need.  The huge gorgeous stove (Garland, I believe) is large enough for multiple people to work at it.  The entire space felt good – you know that feeling – when you walk in and feel immediately comfortable and inspired at the same time.  It didn’t hurt that everyone working that evening was helpful and friendly and knowledgable.



Our class was learning to make handmade dumplings – something I have rarely eaten, better yet attempted to make myself.  I will say that the one time I did try them I absolutely loved them!  I was amazed at how easy the doughs were to make, roll, and cut.  The fillings weren’t difficult if you have the recipes, nor were the sauces.  I think that thing that was the most intimidating to me was that so many of the ingredients weren’t familiar – some of the bottles had no english on them, thus I took photos to remember what was what.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the different sauces – each one a true compliment to the dumpling that it accompanied.


After class I bought some local jam before I left.  It is sour cherry and it appealed to me as I had never tried it.  I also loved the fact that it was made right here in Seattle and that they seemed to enjoy trying different flavor combinations.  I can’t wait to try it with scones the next time I have company over for coffee!


Have you taken a class at the Pantry yet?  If so, which one was it and did you enjoy it as much as I did?

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  1. That place looks fantastic and I just looked at their website and what fun classes they offer. How cool you were able to attend. The dumplings look yum

  2. these are some of my favorite images that you’ve ever posted! Makes me want to take another cooking class there!!! Glad you had such a great time! :0)

  3. Wow, such fabulously lovely and oh-so inspiring photos!!! How I’d (now) love to take a class here! What a wonderful friend you have, Kimberly!

    My parents met while at Ballard High and Molly’s Orangette is probably the second blog I started reading. I would like to dine at Delancey — perhaps on my next visit back home. Must add it to my list :)

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