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Recently I took a class with Ashley who authors Not Without Salt to learn a number of wonderful recipes for holiday treats.  I truly loved them all.  Today I wanted to share with you the recipe for the crackers we made.

Crackers are the basis for so many snacks and appetizers.  Around the holidays we consume a lot of crackers- most often with cheese.  Seeing as I love making ricotta, these crackers are the perfect snack under a dollop of creamy white ricotta.  The great thing about these crackers is that you can put anything on them- from sea salt and rosemary to seeds and herbs.

As for our house, my boys seem to prefer them right off the pizza stone, still warm and broken in pieces.







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  1. I actually came over to read this thinking that you meant “Christmas crackers”….the kind with a little toy, a paper hat & a joke inside!! Do you even have those in the US, probably not?!

    These look good too tho ;)

    • Simone & Kim,
      Did you know you can make your own “Christmas Crackers”? We have made them for the past 13 years or so… we make our own tissue paper hats, add a piece of candy, and a joke. To make the nice snapping sound we use a type of firecracker called a snap pop. They are so much fun and our teenaged boys enjoy them immensely! (in the past we made them for the youth at church as well)

  2. hi kim! i made crackers not too long ago and loved them! i got the recipe from an old william sonoma cookbook…i featured your apron on my blog today :) i live in it! i want to slipcover everything in that linen! xo

  3. oh Kim, these sound delicious! We have no big plans for Christmas so I think we will make these… homemade crackers, sharp cheddar cheese, homemade sparkling cider and a session of board games sounds like a fine evening to me!

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