{loving} lately


this handbag



skinny jeans

 these jeans



red enging jeans

and these




desert boots

boots for spring




nespressoto start the morning





to keep healthy





to gather my thoughts





to capture my memories





to end my day





And I loved this post- it made me feel like I was in the south of France on a winter Saturday afternoon~


Have a great Tuesday~






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4 Responses to {loving} lately

  1. Loving the purse…reminds me of vintage Banana Republic, when it had the Out of Africa feel (my favorite movie)….desperately need a juicer….so then I can fit in skinny jeans!

  2. Rebekka says:

    I love those dark jeans! And agree with the above comment about the handbag. Which makes me feel old that I can remember “vintage Banana Republic” haha :)

  3. Barbara says:

    Good taste missy.

  4. Pamela says:

    i’ve been wanting a juicer. vitamix is so darn expensive! maybe i should try the breville. and william/sonoma ships overseas :) thanks for the link!

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