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First of all I want to thank each and every one of you who wrote something thoughtful or kind or filled with words of wisdom on my keeping it {real} post.  Every time a post like that pours out of me, I feel forever grateful and so incredibly blessed to have you in my life, sending love and support when it is needed.  So thank you.  I also want to make sure you know that when I post something like that- I am not falling apart.  I am merely hoping for some words of wisdom or the voice of experience to come my way and help me make it over a hump.  As I told a friend today, when you see a post with few words sharing that something awful has happened and that is it- then you worry.  If I ever mention my children, my parents, or my Grandma- come running.  Seriously.


Okay, so we have gotten through the heavy post for this season, and I hope that after reading the posts shared by my incredibly wise friends you are feeling inspired to take the time to notice those little things- those simple moments- that are so incredible if you take the time to acknowledge them.  Just try it- I promise, you won’t be sorry. So, now that those few things are taken care of, let’s move forward- onto food!


One of the greatest things {in my opinion} about summer are the meals that are enjoyed outdoors – long leisurely meals that may take a bit of preparation, or not, and can be nibbled at while enjoying a glass of wine under the stars visiting with friends and family.  That is my happy place.  I also love using what is in season in a meal that I have made so many times, I know the basic ingredients by heart.  There is something wonderful about those good old stand-by meals that are easily pulled together in a pinch and simply expanded by adding a bit of this or that when your guest list increases by a few more.  Which brings us to pasta salad.  It can be made ahead and pulled out when everyone has gathered around the table.  It also tastes just as good on paper plates out by the fire pit.  Simple simon baby!  Add bread, a plate with some cheese and cured meats, something pickled, and a bottle (or two) of wine and you are good to go.


I recently saw a photo on instagram taken by an incredible cook and photographer- Kelly Cline – which inspired me to enjoy the beauty of colorful produce mixed with pasta (gluten-free these days).  Right now Trader Joe’s has fabulous little heirloom tomatoes readily available which are great just sliced in half or roasted (which I did today).  Feta cheese is great, as is asparagus which is also in season right now.  I add in herbs from the garden and basil which isn’t in the garden quite yet.  We always keep olives on hand so I usually toss a few of those in for a bit of tangy bite.  Honestly though, the best thing about this recipe is that you start with pasta, end with a light vinaigrette, and add your own choice of ingredients in between!  How simple is that?



I hope that whatever you have planned this weekend, there is good food involved.  Try something new, or get creative with one of your comfortable favorites – but enjoy the process- and the company you share it with!

Happy Friday mes amies!

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5 Responses to let’s talk {food}

  1. And that is precisely why I love nothing more than having dinner parties at my home. I really wish I had an outdoor area to retreat to, so guests and I could eat there, but wherever we are, those long leisurely dinners make such a difference. If I had my way, every day would be filled with them.

    How’s the gluten-free eating going? We should have a little phone call soon to swap recipes and ideas.

  2. I so agree with you, I love that we can make a simple change to one of our tried & trues and make it even better, like the simple step of roasting your tomatoes.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Simply beautiful! Just how I like to cook (and eat) in the summer months! It is pasta salad (yours looks so delicious) that I’ve been craving all week. Now I’m sure to make some! Combined with the warmth of the sun, grass underfoot, a refreshing local wine, company of loved ones…perfect.

    Friendships do enrich our lives beyond measure, don’t they?! Thank you for enriching mine. Lovely weekend to you, Kimberly!

  4. I love this time of year too Kim ~ although there is not much local produce out there for us yet ~ making salads from fresh goods is the way to go and perfect accompaniment for the bbq. Happy week-end. xo

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