join us to create a {creatively made home}

{photo by Tiffany Kirchner-Dixon}

Our Creatively Made Home course begins this month and I can’t tell you how excited I am about it.  It’s a project that the five of us have poured our hearts into sharing with you our love of our homes and what it is about each of our homes that makes them special to us.  It’s not necessarily about decor.  That certainly is a part of it, but for us, it’s about the feeling of our home, and the way that people who enter our homes feel when they are there.  It is about the way our families are happy because our home is a place of joy rather than a place of stress.  For me, my contribution is more a way of blessing my family with food as well as slowing down, appreciating simple everyday moments with them.  It is about creating an environment that lends to cozying up on a sofa and reading books together or watching movies as a family.  It’s about having a table that we gather around as a family, or where we invite friends and extended family to share a meal with us.  It’s a place where people want to come, and stay, and where they take a piece of it home with them when they leave.  For us,  it is bringing the outdoors in and bringing the indoors out.  It’s eating outside when we have the opportunity or gathering around a bonfire.  It’s casual and comfortable and fun—humor is a big part of life in our home.



This course isn’t just about “keeping up with the Jones'” which is a large part of the American culture these days.  It’s not about switching out your decor regularly.  It’s not about creating a home that is esthetically pretty but emotionally empty.  It’s about creating a home that is beautiful BECAUSE the people that live in it and the happiness it has within it’s walls.


There are projects—there are a lot of projects!   Some of them will be home decor projects—fabulous things that you can learn how to do that you will love.  There are projects.  The beauty of having five of us is that it’s very diverse.  It brings a lot to the table.  There will be parts that totally resonate with you and there will be parts that may not appeal to you as much.  The great thing is that there is something for everyone in this course and I’m so excited that this group of friends has come together to create this course.  I think when you create something like this with such a wonderful inspirational group of women that I have been so fortunate to work with, what comes out of it is just a little bit magical.

I so hope you will join us, as it promises to be a wonderful journey~


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  1. Kim…
    Can’t wait to see what you wonderful and talented women have put together! The count down is on!!!


    Ps. Hope you’re enjoying this amazing Seattle weather(and eating outside as much as possible!!!)

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