In the garden {zinnias}


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This year for the first time ever I started some of my flower seeds in pots.  I hadn’t done it before and to be quite honest, at the time it seemed like a lot of extra work.  I tend to like things that take very little “babysitting” and these seeds needed planting, and then transplanting.  However, I will tell you that now, I am a believer.


zinnias 2


Zinnias have always been one of my favorite summer flowers.  I love their vibrant colors and sturdy petals.  I have tried to grow them a number of times but they have never done all that well.  I am usually quite pleased if I get a dozen flowers come June.  This year however I have a garden FULL of these gorgeous blossoms!  They stand tall in the gardens, their bright colors shining amidst the lettuce, carrots, radishes and arugula.  I have them in pots.  I have them spread throughout the entry garden.  They brighten the back patio near my Grammy’s swing by the fireplace.  And they make me so very happy when I see them.


zinnias 5


I love cutting flowers for the house and if I were ever to plant a formal cutting garden these tall beauties would be the cornerstone of that garden.  With their upright stalks and solid petals that last longer than some, they are a great addition to colorful bouquets.  I have them all over the property this year but next year I am inspired to grow even more.


zinnias 6

I really love their colors when in full bloom, but I also enjoy them at each stage on their way to full bloom.  They have now solidified their place as a summer garden staple.  I will try to harvest some seeds for next year and see if I can get them to grow next summer.  If so, I will share my seeds with you~


zinnias 1


Happy summer break friends,



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  1. Alright, I must know. What camera do you use?! I am completely smitten with your lovely images and techniques. They are so captivating and draw me in to your storybook life! What photoshop/Lightroom actions do you use? Have a fabulous day!

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