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In my mind October sounds like Autumn.  September still rings with the sound of warm afternoons, sunshine and those last few weeks of summer.  But October.  October tends to be associated with words like blustery and cozy and nesting and soup.  In October I tend to take stock of things- I make lists.  I clean out and tidy up.  I part with things no longer useful to us and stock up on things we may need for the coming months. Maybe it is a part of our nature, preparing for those long cold winter months where the weather isn’t welcoming and the idea of going out in it isn’t all that appealing.  There is something wonderful about sending people off to school or work for the day and then having the house to yourself, to put things in order, plan meals and feel productive.  Add to that a great playlist in the background, a few gorgeous candles burning and a fire going and you have what I would consider the perfect Autumn day~

I made THIS delicious soup last week.

I love a SIMPLE LOAF filled with spices.

I will be making THIS chai today- as chai is one of my favorites.

Have a wonderful October mes amies!



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6 Responses to {hello} October

  1. October is for nesting and of course here it is for giving thanks as well. I will be planning some soups and chili on the weekend for meals next week ~ this week we are still in grilling and salad mode as the weather has been gorgeous. Boot shopping is on the agenda for sure. Have a great week sweet friend. xo

  2. this time next year i’ll have an empty house during the day. all 4 of mine will be in school full time..bittersweet. i’m holding on to my youngest this year..no preschool. a part of me is ready for the quiet with the whole day ahead of me (especially here in paris!)…but another part is just not ready for my babies to leave the nest :)
    enjoy your quiet moments kimberly! xo

    • I kept him home from preschool as I loved my time with him so much. I’m sure it is because he was the last but it is a tough transition for me- my babies growing up. It is “what I have done” for so long and at times I feel a little lost with what direction I am to go now. Enjoy this last year my friend~ x

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