{Hattie Bird Little Girl’s Dress}




This beautiful garden dress in size 4 from the Hattie Bird line of clothing was donated by Liz Le Dorze of Komedal Road.  Liz has exquisite taste and whenever she does something, she does it with the utmost quality.  This little dress is no exception.  Made of 100% cream Italian hemp, it is light and airy.  It was designed by Liz’s studio on Bainbridge Island, WA and made locally in Seattle.  It is the perfect summer dress for a little girl who likes to run…. and jump…  and play… and feel pretty too!






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7 Responses to {Hattie Bird Little Girl’s Dress}

  1. paddle up for $20… I know it is worth much more then this just want to get things going. Love it so much… need to find a little girl to give it too :)

  2. Kim if win this dress my email is joy2282003 at yahoo dot com. Work has been a bit crazy for me so I haven’t been able to check my other email often.

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