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First of all, thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful comments on my last post.  I don’t tend to want to get personal in a negative way on this site as it is meant to be a happy inspiring place.  However, when I do, you are such an amazing supportive and caring group and for that I am so grateful.




So, aside from getting teary lately  :)  I have been really enjoying planting indoor plants.  I used to have quite a few of them but then my focus became the gardens and growing things outdoors, and I found that the indoor plants took too much of my time and focus- making sure they were all properly cared for.  However, this second half of winter I have been really looking forward to spring.  There is something comforting and earthy about having plants growing indoors.  Add to that the fact that the nurseries have so many gorgeous and fun things to choose from- and I have become a bit obsessed…




One thing my Grampy used to grow when I was younger were Tillies.  Tillandsia is a species of plant from the family Bromeliaceae which grow naturally in forests, deserts and mountains of Central and South America. They require no soil- just a good watering, either mist or submersion depending on the plant- and a nice place to sit.  They are so fun to buy as there is a wide range of looks and colors.  I have been making clay Tilly holders that I will be listing the next time I open the shop.  Check your local nurseries as I am guessing you will find some there~




I am also enjoying putting little terrariums together.  I have wanted to do a workshop forever as I think they are so fun to mix up and make little scenes in them.  That is on my spring agenda- as wouldn’t it be fun to clear off our large farmhouse table and cover it will all sorts of plants, soil, rocks, sand and glass vessels and have a terrarium party?






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  1. Oh how pretty! We are starting to add plants to our home again after leaving all our plants in Alaska. A quick question for you… how do you get your succulents to thrive? I am having a terrible time with ours dying… they either dry up or develop root rot. We are using a succulent mix we picked up at Walmart (first mistake) as all of our garden centers were closed for the winter. We have a mixed bag of succulents… several varieties of aloe vera, job’s tears, and donkey tail (?). Any suggestions? All and any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    • Peggy, I wish I had some words of wisdom for you. However, as I have just begun and haven’t seen any of that yet I can’t offer any advice. I agree that possibly switching out your soil when you can may be a good start~ Good luck!

  2. OK ~ in the first picture ~ the little one on the right ~ what is that one called? Pretty sure I used to have one of those and killed it :( I think my girlfriend called it donkey’s ears… but I have no idea what the proper name is.

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