frosty morning {on the farm}



This morning I awoke to the brightness that comes with the morning sun reflecting off of snow on the roof. Around here that means one thing- it is going to be frigid outside.  And sure enough, when I pulled my boots and down jacket on and opened the door to let the dogs out for their morning run, that bitingly cold air immediately hit my cheeks.  I grabbed a touque as I headed out the door and into that gorgeous morning sunshine.




I love my mornings with the dogs- the stillness in the air with only the sound of (today at least) our footfalls crunching through the frozen snow.  It was so clear with only a few wispy clouds high in the sky.  As I looked up I noticed a jet- so high that if not for the contrails I wouldn’t have seen it at all.  I always wonder where it is going, where are the people on board headed.  Are they excited about going on holiday?  Do they look forward to getting home to loved ones?  Even as I write, I can hear planes overhead, flying lower, most likely landing in Seattle.  I love that many of our return flights pass over our home- I always look for familiar landmarks as we come in, excited to return to our little piece of home sweet home.


frosty morning 1


The frost on the pasture fences and along the roofline of the hen house and barn formed such beautiful crystals that, after feeding the sheep and barn kitties and melting the water for the hens, I ran back in for my camera.  We don’t often get such gorgeous cold weather here and I wanted to capture it to share.  The barn had little icicles on the metal roof, and the edge of the chicken coop had a longer one that reminded me of my childhood.  It made me happy.




I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, wherever you are.  I am looking forward to staying indoors with the sunshine streaming through the windows, eating comfort food and enjoying time with the boys I love most.





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14 Responses to frosty morning {on the farm}

  1. hey there my friend…our day is coming to an end was very cold here too today..but still no snow :(
    being a new england girl, i miss it. here in the city we walked and walked today and boy did it feel good! walked to the american library which is a treat to read all the latest mags! i’ve had my apron on all evening..i love it. it saw me through a gorgeous chicken stock turned soup and a delicious sausage and veggie casserole tonight…and as i say my goodnight to the kiddos, it’s time to sit with a glass of vin with my honey.

    hope you’re enjoying the new year..xoxo

  2. Oh wow!!! spectacular images my friend !!! and considering we are having a heat wave here with unbearable over 40 + temperatures it is so soothing to know that you are snuggled up with your boys, making yummy food and loving life xo

  3. Kimberly,

    I came home this evening after a very long shift at work and read your post. My day was full of sadness, as I will be transferred to a different unit where I work as of this coming Wedenesday. The unit I was currently on, until tonight, was the lock down unit of severe Dementia and Alzheimers patients. I love it there. I love the patients. I love my co-workers. I love my supervisor. I will miss everything about this unit, including the challenge of helping a person find his or her smile (sometimes very difficult….but sooooo rewarding and such a blessing when you find it!)

    When I read your post, it made me smile :)

    I have read MANY post via bloggers, and although I have read soooooo many wonderful posts, this one touched my heart so immensely…and I am sooo grateful I found you and your blob.

    You found a smile in my heart tonight, which even I could not find, for I felt so sad about what my change of work was taking from me.

    But alas, the weather changes….as do the photos….as do the thoughts and feelings…

    Your photos and your post came to me when I felt “dooped” by management. But your post made me aware that everything has a purpose. I truly believe there must be something challenging awaiting me.

    Due to this complete role change at work, I have been trying to decide on whether I want to stay where I am or venture out on my own. I do believe…your post, believe it or not, was exactly what I needed to read when I got home this evening. Thurlow Cottage “will” become my focus. My home and my business.

    Sometimes, people are given the nudge by a thought, “word” or deed….and sometimes they never think to thank the individual that gave them that nudge…

    I thank you, Kimberly Taylor, from the very debths of my heart. I have felt drawn to you from the first moment I heard and viewed your first video….not knowing why…. NOW I know!



  4. OMG!!!! Yes! I re-read! Ugh! I meant “blog”… NOT “BLOB”…UGH! So sorry…lololol….okay. I just have to laugh now…or I will GO CRAZY for that little error!!!

    ; )

  5. Beautiful, indeed! Up here in the mountains, when the snow begins to slide off of the metal roof tops, but does not fall…it curls back under toward the out-buildings and reminds me of spritz cookie dough straight out of the shooter.

    Happy Snow Days!

    Julie M.

  6. love that close (second to last). “The barn had little icicles on the metal roof, and the edge of the chicken coop had a longer one that reminded me of my childhood.” reminded me of massive illinois icicles from childhood that resembled flintstone clubs.:) don’t see icicles like those in colorado.:) good memories.

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