finding {inspiration} & a winner!



The end of the weekend is rapidly approaching and we are enjoying a quiet afternoon reading, napping and relaxing.  This time of year tends to be busy on the planning side and quiet on the execution end.  We are making plans and passing ideas back and forth but our days are fairly peaceful, which works well with the gray skies and cool wet weather.


I do find that during these quiet days I find the most inspiring places to draw ideas from- and as today you, like me, may be looking for something to get you excited, I wanted to share them with you.


While she may be on the opposite seasonal schedule, her posts inspire me to simplify- both in decor, photography and entertaining.

Starting next week I’m going to begin taking part in a “this moment” post.

Inspiring Pinterest boards?  Yes please~

This posts *almost* makes me want to live in Vancouver again…

The dress I bought in Portland last time from here- my absolute favorite.  Love the shop, can’t wait to go back.


Also- Congratulations Sarah!  Your word “breathe” will be put on a necklace and sent out to you!  Please send me your contact information and I will get it going!


Happy week friends.



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  1. Dang. I never win. ::grin and wink:: love your blog, lovely lady. You are my Happy Discovery of 2012. Have a blessed evening…you are about 4 hours behind me, so I will let the cat out of the bag and tell you that Tuesday evening will be peaceful. Wait and see. ::smile::

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