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For those of you who follow along on Instagram and Facebook these photos aren’t new.  However I wanted to share the faces I have come to love over the past week.  These children are so filled with smiles and exuberance and endless giggles.  They screech and hide behind the bravest of the crew and then come forward in an attempt to show bravery.  Never have I seen anyone with less and yet rarely have I seen anyone happier.  For those of us living in very different circumstances it is so difficult to imagine, and yet, when I leave here I hope to bring some of what brings these little people joy home with me.  They have life.  Each day they get is a gift.  Every meal is a blessing.  I think they are thankful and that is something I want to be more of.  Thankful.  They are generous little souls, sharing their laughter and love freely- and I am feeling incredibly thankful for my time with them~

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  1. Amazing images and thank you for sharing all your precious moments of this last week dear friend… Always so excited to read every post…I am sure they are enjoying your pretty smile too…Love to you c xoxo

  2. So beautiful, Kimberly … and proves the idea that “it is not happiness that makes you grateful; it is gratefulness that makes you happy.”

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