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With spring happily upon us, one thing that is in full bloom is our beautiful crop of rhubarb.  I was so excited when Courtney agreed to feature rhubarb this month for our {Courtney and Kim Cook} series.  Make sure you visit her here to see her take on our adventure!  Visually rhubarb packs a punch when it comes to that gorgeous red color.  As far as cooking it goes, the possibilities are endless.  I am already looking forward to trying Courtney’s recipe as it sounds divine and she has assured me that it is indeed delicious~


I love rhubarb!  I remember picking it out of the gardens as a child and eating it still warm from the sun.  One of my favorite pies was strawberry-rhubarb, and to this day a warm piece with a scoop of really good vanilla ice cream is such a treat for me.  However, as an adult, I have learned that there is so much you can do with this early treasure from the gardens.  When everything else is just being planted or beginning to poke through the soil, rhubarb’s large gorgeous leaves stand tall on rich red stalks of goodness.  I cut a number of thick red pieces a few times a week when it is in season to use for various desserts or to create delicious spreads for things like english muffins, scones, or on waffles.  I also really love it in loafs, muffins, and cakes.  It adds moisture and a lovely bit of tartness in an otherwise sweet treat.  I recently posted this bundt cake which our whole family loved~


With warmer weather having arrived, I hope to have friends over for morning coffee after the boys are all off to school.  We can sit outdoors in the morning sun and visit over a good cup of coffee, some tea, and a wonderful morning treat.  I love making scones as they are so delicious with a fruit compote to accompany them.  As lemon is one of my favorite flavors, these lemon scones with lavender rhubarb compote are sure to be on the menu the next time a friend drops by!




Once again Courtney has outdone herself with her gorgeous painting of this spring delight.  Don’t quote me, but I do believe that this is her first foray into the world of rhubarb~




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  1. Oh, I would just love to sit around your home, look at your garden with a good cup of strong coffee and eat anything with rhubarb in it. I actually just started cooking with rhubarb last year and have fallen in love.

  2. Beautiful photos! I haven’t acquired a taste for rhubarb but my husband loves it. It seems to grow wild in my neighbors garden so every spring I try to make him something with it. I would love to try one of these recipes – I currently use his mother’s pie recipe but it never seems to turn out like hers, I hear. :)

    I don’t eat dairy and pureed rhubarb makes for a good substitution in muffins and cakes. It must be the moist consistency?

  3. […] 23 Apr watercolor via courtney khail beautiful photo via kim taylor Full disclosure here- just this last Thanksgiving I can quote my parents on saying that rhubarb shouldn’t exist (they both really don’t like it.) So it should come as no surprise that I’d never even tried it before now. I thought it was pretty, but when it came to actually eating it all I could remember was my parents description of an incredibly tart/sour horrible plant. (I should note that my parents eat just about ANYTHING so I kind of just took their word on this one.) Fast forward from last Thanksgiving to the beginning of the month and I get a note from Kim asking about my feelings on rhubarb. My feelings? That it’s a horrible plant that should never be eaten. But this project is about trying new things so instead of saying that I wrote back, “sounds great! let’s do that.”  and then got to work finding a recipe that sounded good (i.e. had butter and sugar.) Luckily, I stumbled across this recipe, and with a few tweaks (like adding lemon zest and more vanilla) I ended up with some of the best streusel I may have ever tasted. The rhubarbs and strawberries kind of blended together into a “just sweet enough” filling, the lemon made everything pop, and the topping was to die for. Though seriously, melted butter and brown sugar is always going to be a good combination. And while I may not be ready to jump into using rhubarb in everything quite yet, between this recipe and Kim’s compote, I’m getting closer. Hope you all enjoy! Oh! And a note on the watercolor, despite searching for it I couldn’t find rhubarb with leaves. Maybe it’s because they are poisonous… Because of that, I decided to just paint them how you all would see them in the store- as beautiful red sticks. And now the recipes! Mine- And Kim’s- (read here post here) […]

  4. You were correct. First time ever eating rhubarb! (And the streusel is awesome. I just had another piece a few minutes ago… can’t wait to try your compote!) And as always, your photos are absolutely amazing! You are so talented, my friend.

  5. I could seriously eat anything you take a photo of! Always absolutely gorgeous :)
    I need to try some of these rhubarb recipes…maybe I will finally like rhubarb!!
    Lemon sugar….*sigh*

  6. Rhubarb reminds me of the farm rightly so with the big patch my grandmother had! Strawberry rhubarb pie is my #2 but only after lemon and I will take French vanilla ice cream on the side please! I fell in love with the combo in a crisp last year ~ now I cannot wait for it to come up here ~ should not be long now..

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