{Claude the Elephant}



Hi my name is Claude I am a friendly elephant looking for a loving home. I am much taller then most people think at 23 inches tall and 27 inches wide. I am handmade in San Diego, California out of old hand stitched quilts.


This incredible handmade elephant is truly one of a kind.  The creation and donation of Alexis Garrett of Fern & Feather, this gentle giant is a treasure for any recipient.







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6 Responses to {Claude the Elephant}

  1. okay, fern and feather told me I could bid on this elephant, but I don’t see any back links to what the auction is for…

    anyway, I will start at $60

    • Hi Michelle, I apologize for not realizing that not everyone had been following along! I have added an update at the top of the main post with a link to what exactly we are going to be using the money for. Thanks so much for calling it to my attention~ x

  2. Kim I bid $150. Hopefully she will have a home in a new little baby girls life. She was born yesterday to a family in Abbotsford that knows about your mom.

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