{photo courtesy Lissa Whitlock and her amazing baking & photography skills}

Today I shall be celebrating- friendship, family, laughter, life in general.  42- I plan to rock this one…


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20 Responses to {celebrating}

  1. nadia says:

    Happy Birthday dear Kim may this day and the days to follow be filled with child like giggles.

  2. Pamela says:

    that cake is beautiful.
    and happy birthday to you! hope you do something good for yourself. xo

  3. Sanda says:

    Happy Birthday Kim!!!

  4. Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm says:

    Ah, JOYOUS Birthday Kimberly!!!!!!!!!

    May your celebration continue throughout this year! I love your plans ~ am so grateful to have been able to follow along with you this past year ~ looking forward to another. Please, do share a slice of this so lovely cake with me (you have the most amazing and talented friends, oh yes, birds of a feather…)! Enjoy!

  5. melissa says:

    42 has never looked so good! Happy Birthday!!!!

  6. Cathi Nunn says:

    Wishing you the happiest birthday!

  7. Cat says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire mon amie! And to think last year we celebrated in Paris…. sigh.

    Hope that year 42 (you sweet young thing!) brings even more frolicking in Cheeseland (avec moi!) and that you receive every blessing and wish that crosses your mind and finds a home in your heart today and every day this coming year.


  8. Kim says:

    Happy Birthday! Do Enjoy~Cheers Kim

  9. debi says:

    Wishing you a wonderfully Happy Birthday Kimberly!

  10. Sue says:

    Have an AMAZING year : )

  11. Lori says:

    You will rock this one ~ I know it! xo

  12. Melissa says:

    Happy Happy Birthday – I’m sure it will be a great one!

  13. Megan B says:

    Happy Birthday…. you don’t look a day over 27 you gorgeous thing!

  14. Sylvia says:

    Are you kidding me! I’ve only recently learnt about you Kim while doing the Creatively Made Home eCourse and would never have picked you for 42! Must be all that fresh country air, your chooks and your wonderful family whom you speak so lovingly of. Best wishes from Australia.

  15. Sylvia says:

    ooopps meant to refer to you as Kimberly…I have one friend who prefers Kim and the other Kimberly…which are you?

  16. Peggy says:

    I’m a few days behind the curve but Happy Birthday! I do so hope you had a wonderful day celebrating with your family! Good evening and Happy Thanksgiving as well… (even though it is now after midnight so I guess it is technically “black friday”…)

  17. Barbara says:

    Hope you had a great birthday!

  18. karlene says:

    LOVE the chain in the image…………can anyone tell me where to get one???

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