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Hello friends!


With the arrival of the sun and with it the warmer weather of spring I am not often on my computer.  Thus, posting seems to all but disappear sometimes.  However, if you want to follow along on our adventures on the farm or our travel to wonderful places around the globe, you can easily to so on Instagram!  It’s quick and easy, not to mention visual- of which I am totally in love with.


Happy Tuesday!



shop call {oddfellows cafe}




There is something about a cozy coffee shop, don’t you think?  A place where, when you walk through the door, you are welcomed with the sound of people visiting, espresso being made and the smell of glorious coffee mixed with something delicious to eat.  One of my favorite places that fits the bill perfectly in Seattle is Oddfellows Cafe on Capitol Hill in Seattle.




The first thing I noticed about Oddfellows Cafe was the huge bank of windows covering the front which, on those beautiful sunny days here in Seattle, can be opened wide, blurring the boundaries of indoors and out. Upon entering you will find weathered brick walls, a long marble countertop at the bar and a huge collection of repurposed fixtures, tables and stools.




Housed in the historic Oddfellows building which was built in 1908 and restored in 2008, the cafe has maintained much of the original buildings character.  While renovating the space a number of treasures were discovered in the basement of the building and incorporated into the decor of the cafe.  The floors are original wood and the brick walls were also a part of the original structure.




The following is from their website:

“We source our food from predominantly local purveyors to produce beautiful, simple food using as many sustainable, organic, humane and environmentally friendly products as much as possible.”

“The interior, furnishings and fixtures at Oddfellows are 90% salvaged, recycled or repurposed.”

“All of our paper goods, paper menus, bar supplies, coffee supplies and takeout materials are between 90-100% recycled post-consumer goods and are 100% compostable.”




I love you Oddfellows…

Oddfellows Cafe + Bar

No. 1525 10th Avenue,

Seattle, WA




farm to table photography workshop with {Clare Barboza}

clare 4


Hello friends,

I was talking to my friend and mentor Clare Barboza recently and we were discussing workshops as that is how she and I met.  Hers was the first photography workshop I had ever taken and it really influenced how I shoot and what I am drawn to.  Clare has photographed many cookbooks- my favorites being local farm-based ones.  I love that she too is passionate about capturing where food comes from as it really connects how we eat.  So when she reminded me that she had a farm to table workshop coming up in May I wanted to share it with you.  The group will be traveling to Whidbey Island just off the coast of western Washington.  It is a fabulous island (I secretly dream of relocating to a farm there!) and the farms she is visiting promise to be filled with amazing photo opportunities.


clare 2


I find that workshops are an amazing place to connect with people who are passionate about their craft just as I am.  I love the “going to camp” feeling that binds the participants and I can promise you- Clare is a gem of a teacher.  She is positive and warm and so encouraging. If you are looking to do a lifestyle workshop that is food related and in a wonderful venue, this is your chance.  I am so envious that participants will be visiting Little Brown Farm and as it will be May, there will be baby goats!!  What is cuter than photographing baby farm animals? Another farm they will be visiting is Willowood Farm on Eby’s Landing.  What a gorgeous setting~  And if you do go, please tell me as I would love to see your images and hear all about it!

clare 1


When: May 23-26, 2013

Where: Whidbey Island, WA

What: 3 days of photography, 2 (maybe 3) farm visits, a trip to the farmers market, delicious meals, lessons in natural light food photography and how to tell a story through images, ample time to play with lots of fun props, and last but not least, time to relax with like-minded people in a beautiful setting.

How much: $1350, which includes everything– all workshop instruction, 3 nights accommodations here, (please note that rooms are SHARED), all meals, beverages, and snacks.

Click HERE to register.

clare 3

shop call {sitka & spruce}

sitka 6


I wanted to share some images with you of one of my favorite spaces in Seattle.  Sitka & Spruce sits on Capitol Hill and offers local seasonal menus – much of which is grown on owner Matt Dillon’s farm on Vashon Island.  However, it is the space that draws me there every time.  Located in the back of Melrose Market- a wonderful market housed in a building built in the early 1900s and renovated and reopened for business in 2010.  While visiting Melrose Market you will also find an amazing butcher shop (Rainshadow Meats), a wonderful cheese shop (Calf & Kid) as well as a coffee shop, wine shop, flower shop and gift shop upstairs.  Whenever I can, I find an excuse to visit~


sitka 4



sitka 3



sitka 5



sitka 8



sitka 2


sitka 1




shop call {Bell’occhio San Francisco}

b'occhio first


b'occhio 5


b'occhio 4


b'occhio 2


b'occhio 3


b'occhio 7


b'occhio 1


b'occhio 6


b'occhio last


b'occhio 9



The following was written by Claudia Schwartz- shop owner, curator, and all around wonderfully engaging, warm and creative woman~

“Tucked away on a little street in San Francisco, Bell’occhio, meaning “beautiful eye” in Italian, has been enchanting customers with its charming and otherworldly shopping experience for 22 years.    Owner, Claudia Schwartz, gleans select offerings from European métiers, including elegant handmade boxes, antique ribbons, down powder puffs, goat hair brushes, Provençal straw hats, French sewing notions and fine stationery.


The overall effect is that of a European dry goods shop, where each genre commands its own prominent display.   Indeed, the shopping experience at Bell’occhio immerses our customers in the atmosphere of a bustling European atelier, a house of busy little hands.   Our staff offers personal attention to customer requests ranging from product and packaging development to graphic design and calligraphy {by appointment, with our own former White House calligrapher}, bespoke bow tying, event planning and interior design.  We are known for a carefully detailed presentation of every parcel and pouch that leaves the shop and, beyond this, invite customers to commission special gift wrapping, as plain or fancy as the occasion requires.


The ideas that unify the merchandise in the store are the result of many years of passionate research into objects and experiences that make a life substantive.   In this collective chronicle we have concentrated on those objects most likely to stir a connection to the places they came from and to the people who made them.  The objects themselves may be as simple as string or as complex as fly fringe or Point de Beauvais embroidery, but the fact that they were made with dedicated attention to their purpose and effect unites them to each other, and them to us.


We are obsessed with the notion of creating in Bell’occhio a total atmosphere, one that relates seamlessly, from its evocative scent to its esoteric musical offerings and visual tableaux.  We take delight in our customers and strive to exceed their expectations.  For this reason, we are uncompromising not only in what we present to them but in how we present it.”


Thank you Claudia, for your time sharing your beautiful store and workspace with me.



shop call – {flourish collection}

flourish 4


flourish 2


Today I wanted to share with you a new shop in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood of Seattle. Flourish Collection is a beautiful paper goods shop and this week I had the opportunity to visit for the first time. The space itself is bright and airy and filled with pretty simple paper goods as well as a few linens and pottery. They have a huge selection of letterpress which I love.  There is something special about sending someone a hand written note on a beautiful handmade card.

flourish 9

flourish 11

Kristine Lynch- owner of Flourish Collection (and someone I am fortunate enough to call a friend) was kind enough to answer a few questions~

When was the official opening date for Flourish Collection?

My husband and I had a retail boutique in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle from 2001-2007; our current shop opened on January 26, 2013. Our first shop was called “Flourish Greetings & Giveables” and focused on stationery and custom printed invitations and birth announcements. Our new shop, “The Flourish Collection,” features letterpress greeting cards and a curated gift selection – it’s really so much more than paper products. Also, the new shop is about half the size of our old space so our offering is more edited in the best possible way.

flourish 8

Where do you source your wonderful collection of goods?

Everywhere! I never know where will find something great. I hung onto the contact information for some of my favorite lines from our previous shop, so that became the foundation of our product offering. I am a big Etsy shopper – I have found a ton of my favorite new lines there, as well as through some of my favorite blogs. We are also developing our own line of letterpress goodies (printing by hand on our 1920’s Chandler & Price platen press named Cornelius). I gravitate towards well-designed, uncomplicated and useful goods in my own everyday life, so if I love something, it has a place in our shop. Also, my aesthetic is rooted in Scandinavian design and my Minnesotan upbringing; this is reflected in the bright, creamy backdrop of our shop as well as the items we choose to sell. We do mix in a smattering of vintage or “found objects” to round it all out.

flourish 1

How much of your inventory is hand made?

I would guess 80% or more of our products are made by hand, or manufactured in small batches by individuals and small businesses in the United States. “Supporting Small” is an important part of my business philosophy, which makes my job as a buyer a bit more challenging, but also much more rewarding. And I get to interact with some of the most interesting and talented craftspeople and artists in the U.S. Nothing against large manufacturers or imported goods (we do have a few lines that fall under this category ) but if there is product we can find that is special, or fresh, or different at a fair price point, and it’s made in the U.S., we will definitely always choose that first.

flourish 3

How long have you been in the paper business?

Way back when, I was in college majoring in Journalism, with plans to become a television news anchor (I know, I know). Anyway, I got an internship at the Minneapolis Star Tribune doing advertising page layout – I honestly didn’t know until then that there was a career called “graphic design” until my internship (like I said, way back when). Long story short, I got hired on full time as a designer after I graduated, and got some amazing training in print design and production. I’ve been involved in the print world one way or another since then. After we closed our first shop, I took a few letterpress classes at The School of Visual Concepts and realized I needed my own press. It’s been a big learning curve but a ton of fun. I don’t get to design and print as much as I’d like, but hoping to do more in the coming year…

flourish 6

What is your favorite thing about your neighborhood?  What else can people do when visiting you- what shops/restaurants/coffee shops can you recommend?

I love our Phinney Ridge neighborhood! We are in such a central spot: close to Greenlake, Ballard, Fremont the Woodland Park zoo, and easily accessed from downtown and North Seattle. We are fortunate enough to be close to several amazing restaurants (Cornuto, 74th Street Ale House, Carmelita. Prost to name a few) and coffee (Herkimer and Café Vita) plus Bluebird Ice Cream (Yum). We also have an eclectic offering of shops and services, with new shops opening in the coming months and the area is definitely going through a revitalization. The vibe is friendly and easy-going – we truly have the best neighbors ever.

flourish 7

flourish 10

{girlie} weekend


Happy Friday mes amies!


I am up early excited to be heading to the airport first thing this morning.  I will be heading to where the sun shines with some really fabulous girlfriends for a weekend of inspiration, wine, and relaxation.  I am so excited to talk to these girls as they are endlessly inspiring and full of joie de vivre!  I have to say, three days in the sun doesn’t hurt either…  :)


Have a marvelous weekend sweet friends and I will see you next week!



summertime {adventure}

Sometimes you just need to go on an adventure~















After reading the comments, especially that of Stacy, I wanted to add something.  Ferry trips hold a special place in my heart.  I grew up in the midwest but visited the west coast of Canada many summers.  My grandparents lived in the Gulf Islands and it truly is the place that seems most dreamlike from my childhood.  I remember those ferry rides, the smell of the salt, the kelp, the arbutus and evergreen trees.  I remember standing on the front deck of the ferry searching the dock for my first glimpse of my Granddad who always came to meet us in his 1960s car.  I remember stopping at the general store on the way home from the ferry, I always picked black licorice and coffee ice cream, my brother opting for Archie comics. We would drive up the long steep driveway – Granddad had named it Random Lane- and there my Grannie would be waiting on the big deck with a sweeping view of the ocean.  It was heaven, and to be honest, I haven’t been back since my Grandparents passed away many years ago.  I had hoped to visit this summer with my family, to share the island with my boys, but upon making some inquiries, I discovered that much had changed, places that meant the most to me were no longer there, and honestly, I don’t know if my heart could take seeing those dear spots missing.  Thus, I opted out of visiting and instead visiting the memories of that place, and a simpler time.

{inspiring} spaces


Hello friends,


I wanted to share a space that I shot a few weeks ago.  An old friend of mine (from my high school days, like, ten whole years ago!) and I both ended up in Seattle and he has become this uber-talented craftsman with a great eye for details and color.  Who knew?  So not long ago he asked me if I would come shoot some things he has worked on.  I was so excited to catch up, but had no idea the spaces were so incredibly fabulous.  His kitchen is amazing- truly- with black walls, white accents and stainless appliances.








I also loved the details in their guest room- beautiful woodwork and perfect for the space.  I love their use of dark paint with white wood- everything in their home absolutely pops~





To see more of his work you can visit his website:

making dumplings at {the Pantry}















Taking a class at the Pantry at Delancey in Ballard is was number 38 on my “Life List“.  I am excited to report that it has now been crossed off!  Earlier this week I had the great fortune of receiving an email from a friend here in Seattle who, lucky for me, had an extra spot in a class she had somehow gotten in to.  You see, it takes mere moments from when the new class schedule at the Pantry is released until it is filled.  Seriously people – it goes that quickly.  If you aren’t online when it is published, best of luck securing a spot…  And after going to a class myself I can see why.  I am already looking forward to the next one!  They offer a wide range of subjects – from pizzas and soufflés to cheese making, heirloom beans, breakfasts, and carnival treats!  There really is something for everyone and I could get excited about most of the list – if I could get in.  Thankfully they have a wait list if you really want to take a particular class.




Let me start by saying the space is absolutely fabulous.  I would love for our home to have the same feel as the Pantry does.  It’s white wood walls and ceiling are a great blank canvas for the wonderful wood table that runs the entire length of the room.  It is a gorgeous piece that is the right height to either stand and work or sit on the stools while listening to the instructor or eating.  The blue metal stools add a pop of color to a space that is filled with industrial pieces and every kitchen tool you could need.  The huge gorgeous stove (Garland, I believe) is large enough for multiple people to work at it.  The entire space felt good – you know that feeling – when you walk in and feel immediately comfortable and inspired at the same time.  It didn’t hurt that everyone working that evening was helpful and friendly and knowledgable.



Our class was learning to make handmade dumplings – something I have rarely eaten, better yet attempted to make myself.  I will say that the one time I did try them I absolutely loved them!  I was amazed at how easy the doughs were to make, roll, and cut.  The fillings weren’t difficult if you have the recipes, nor were the sauces.  I think that thing that was the most intimidating to me was that so many of the ingredients weren’t familiar – some of the bottles had no english on them, thus I took photos to remember what was what.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the different sauces – each one a true compliment to the dumpling that it accompanied.


After class I bought some local jam before I left.  It is sour cherry and it appealed to me as I had never tried it.  I also loved the fact that it was made right here in Seattle and that they seemed to enjoy trying different flavor combinations.  I can’t wait to try it with scones the next time I have company over for coffee!


Have you taken a class at the Pantry yet?  If so, which one was it and did you enjoy it as much as I did?

a field trip to {the beach}

Today began with a to-do list that brought little excitement or enthusiasm. While #4 was at school in the morning I did a few tasks that couldn’t be put off, but about half an hour before he was to arrive home for lunch, something surprising happened. The sun came out. I don’t know if it was forecasted but as it was cold and wet when I walked the littles to the bus, I hadn’t anticipated time outside today. As the sun is something that brings me great joy, especially in the winter time here in Seattle I wasn’t going to waste it. As soon as #4 stepped off the bus I loaded him into the land cruiser and we were off to the beach! I packed our boots and a bag for collecting all of the treasures that we were sure to find, as well as a snack for the drive. He was so excited and surprised at the thought of exploring one of his favorite places which in turn made me so happy.

After we enjoyed the beach and our fingers were sufficiently numb we headed to one of our favorite cupcake shops in West Seattle. We enjoyed a sweet treat and something warm to drink. The sun was streaming in the windows of the car as we drove home, my little man fell asleep in his car seat in the back, and I know that he will remember this day at the beach for some time to come.

My crush on {Marche St George} and a winner!

Yesterday I took a trip to Vancouver to run #2 up for a few days. While there I took the opportunity to stop by Marche St George. I have long followed their blog and have frequently drooled over the beautiful photos on it. I love the feel of the space and knew that I would love it even more when I visited. Seeing it in person was even better than I imagined. Before even opening the front door I was greeted by wood crates filled with local produce and sweet Christmas trees for sale. It reminded me of little shops in France. The shop itself was absolutely divine – comfortable and inviting and the perfect community gathering spot. It offered delicious baked goods, wonderful big bowls of coffee, and other fine edibles, as well as a dry-goods section filled with specialty items not often found in my local shops. If you know me at all, you know that a little dream was begun the moment I entered their shop. A dream of a sweet space like that somewhere close to the farm.

I was fortunate to visit on the last day of their holiday pop-up shop. In another space in the building they had tables filled with linens, napkins, and wonderful towels. There were gorgeous knitted sweaters, hats, and scarves. There were beautiful table runners, shawls, wraps, and delicate white pottery. My favorite part of the entire sale was the fabulous esthetic they created with their mix of linens, grays, whites, and weathered wood. If only our home had that same feel every day~

As you might notice, I didn’t get a lot of wide shots of the shop. That would be because it was PACKED the entire time I was there. People were buying Christmas gifts, enjoying coffee with friends, and purchasing produce and dry goods. It was amazing, and inspiring, and oh so wonderful. I would also like to add that the owners are absolutely darling – and he is (I believe) French Canadian. He speaks to their little girl in French – a little girl so darling I was tempted to whisk her away to the farm. How cute would a little French girl be here with all of these boys??? However, I decided to let her stay with her lovely parents, in hopes of being able to visit the shop again in the future.

If you are in Vancouver I highly suggest you visit this absolutely charming shop. You may not want to leave once you do…

Now, for the winner of this fabulous holiday give-away! I apologize for taking so long – I went away for a couple of days and forgot to do it before I left. So, this morning I asked #4 to pick his favorite number between one and 66. And after *much* thought I am happy to announce that Tammy of Something Old, Something Fabulous is the winner! Congratulations Tammy – so nice to “meet” you!!! Please email me your address at and I will post your fabulous prizes!


If you didn’t win, the FABULOUS Tippy Stockton has offered all of my readers a 20% off coupon to shop in her beautiful shop! Simply go to and use the code: HAPPY! to receive your discount!

the farmer’s market and {date day}


Happy Weekend~

Things have been busy here on the farm lately – working on projects, a bit of traveling, and trying to get all of those appointments checked off the list while on summer break so as not to have to pull boys from school come autumn. The beautiful summer weather that Seattle enjoys each year has finally arrived, which I have decided that a.) it is better late than never, and; b.) better the cool gray weather that we have had than the heatwave that is smothering much of the rest of the country.


In the coming weeks handsome husband has a lot of traveling to do. While I don’t love when he is away, we try to be creative with our time while he is gone, doing silly or fun things that we wouldn’t normally do. For instance – did you know popcorn is a viable dinner option when one’s husband is away? Or that you can do breakfast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Or that a certain #4 loves to sleep with his mom when his dad is away?


So, in anticipation of not spending much time together for the next few weeks, we left the house early this morning and ventured out on “date day” – something I always love to do. First off, we stopped for a bite to eat and a latte. Then, we were off to my favorite farmer’s market in the University district. I think my husband is one of the most fun people to shop farmer’s markets with. He loves supporting local farmers and artisans and is far more frivolous when it comes to deciding what to buy. Let’s just say we have a lot of treats from our trip this morning~


This is definitely the best season to shop the farmer’s market. The booths are absolutely filled with the bounty that is available at our local farms. I love perusing all of the vendors and dreaming of all of the meals I could prepare with what is on hand. I feel like we eat much healthier this time of year as it is easy to find produce – not only your basic produce, but a wide variety of our everyday favorites. For example – a number of different legumes, various beets, and don’t even get me started on the wide range of tomatoes – especially those fabulous heirlooms!


The week ahead is sure to be as busy as the last, but I am looking forward to the rest of the weekend – especially tomorrow, and a very special pie making class that I am so very excited about! I will post on it this week as I know you will love it as much as I will!


Have a wonderful rest of your weekend mes amies,


point {&} shoot **love**


I spent much of today with a good friend and our cameras. It was sort of fabulous. We had lunch here, there was a lot of sunshine, and we spent time walking around Seattle, spending time here. Sort of fabulous indeed.

I brought a point and shoot – on purpose. I wanted to work on my street photography. I am also trying to determine the right point and shoot as I need something little that I can bring everywhere with high resolution. While I LOVE Ruby – my large camera, I am finding that I don’t bring her everywhere as she is so damn heavy. Developing-shoulder-problem heavy. Thus, the search is on for the perfect tiny camera – simple yet functional. I am pretty happy with some of the shots I got today – seeing as street photography is right up there in my talent list with shooting weddings and people in general. No, not that high up on the skill list… However, I had fun, and that is what matters in the end~

I also had some fun playing with lightroom presets – similar to actions in photoshop. I love the look of film but don’t love the cost of developing film~




so many happy things~

loving the inspiration here

so. INCREDIBLY. happy for them (he’s here!!!)

really excited about this!

have a wonderful beautiful summer tuesday mes amies~

smitten with {girly} time


hello friends
I’m up early today in anticipation of another day hanging out with my niece
a girl
I’m sure you can imagine how much I love having her around
to do girly things


yesterday was spent taking photos
and talking cameras
and a visit to my favorite photographer’s candy store


today we have an entire afternoon to indulge
in lunches and manicures and other things pink and pretty and frilly
so very fun

are you enjoying your summer? oh, I do hope so
I certainly am

*all photos from pike place market here in seattle – our playground yesterday*

{Retreat} Vintage Market

Today we woke up to sunshine which is perfect as we are having a brunch here on the farm and said brunch shall now be held OUTDOORS!!! Our first proper meal in our outdoor dining space. Yippy! Thus, this post is short on words but filled with eye-candy!

Yesterday #1 and I took a bit of a road trip to Camano Island to see friends and shop at the Retreat Vintage Market held at the home of our friends Bob and Deb Kennedy. If you are a lover of all things vintage and worn and well loved, this is a sale that you do not want to miss. The vendors were top-notch and had a wide selection of goods for sale. The venue is stunning – a beautiful farm on the island and a pasture filled with white tents. It was a lovely day and I can’t wait to go back for their next sale!

Have a wonderful Sunday mes amies~




my crush on {granville island}

This past weekend our family traveled north to a place handsome husband and I have both called *home* at one time or another. We were going to spend a little time in Vancouver, and then head to the Sunshine Coast to make some wonderful memories with his family. It was a magical weekend all around, and our time spent on Granville Island reminded me of how much I used to love spending time there and how much I miss having it close by.

We were blessed with beautiful weather which made walking around the market and shops a pleasure. Of course I had my camera in hand and took more photos this weekend than I have in a long time. There was so much to shoot! We spent time with my uncle and his girlfriend on Friday night, enjoying fish and chips, not to mention game 5 of the Stanley Cup playoffs in which Vancouver is one of the two final teams. There was a lot of excitement in the city and it was great to be a part of it all.

The greatest part of our time in Vancouver was that we actually stayed on Granville Island this time – at the Granville Island Hotel. We usually stay in the city, either at the Four Seasons or Opus, but as I was really excited about shooting as much of the market as I could in our short time there, it seemed to make more sense to stay right there. It was brilliant! The littles LOVED it (the bigs were staying on the north shore on Friday night) and we had some great time just walking around the island, playing at the park, looking at the art, and eating in the market.

Another great thing about staying on the island was the ability to *sneak* out for bits here and there to wander and shoot. I didn’t feel like I was abandoning my sweet family, and yet I was able to stop where ever I wanted and take my time at spots that I wanted to capture. I also came home with a LOT of photos of the littles which was nice as sometimes it is difficult to focus only on them and capture those moments when life gets busy.

The thing I love about Granville Island is that it is the perfect spot to grab a newspaper, a coffee, and a treat and then plant yourself somewhere to enjoy the sound of life on the water and all of the fabulous people watching.

The selection of produce is outstanding – I found things that I have never seen here. I love how fresh everything is, and the vibrant colors and beautiful displays beg to be photographed. I left wishing we had the market close by as I know I would do much of my shopping there.

The Plum {Bistro}

I have a great restaurant to share with you today, but first I want to apologize for being so absent lately. I have been working on some projects here on the farm, and they are pretty all-consuming. I can’t wait to share the results with you – hopefully that will be soon! I am really excited about the progress we are making here on the farm~

So, that being said, on to the best part – the food!

Last week, a girlfriend and I wandered in to The Plum Bistro on Capitol Hill here in Seattle. It immediately appealed to me. The decor is fabulous – simple and elegant, yet comfortable and welcoming.

I am having a love-affair with finding restaurants that serve seasonal, fresh ingredients with an emphasis on being healthy as well as delicious. When I was in San Francisco not long ago, I spent a lot of time eating at incredible restaurants who do just that. I was envious at their seemingly endless options at where to eat organic, seasonal, sustainable meals. What I am learning, however, is that we too have some amazing places of our own – and some incredible chefs who are creative geniuses when it comes to using what is in season. I love that! I also love trying foods that I wouldn’t normally prepare – in this case, vegan. As we aren’t vegan, I had no idea that going without any meat or dairy could be so diverse and delicious!

Plum Bistro has a wonderful menu of flavorful options – we had a difficult time deciding what to choose. We opted to share everything as it all looked delicious. The garlicky yam fries with dill aioli was a no brainer as I love yam fries and it seemed every other table was eating them, so clearly they were popular. As I had never tried tempeh, we tried the spicy Jamaican tempeh wrap – it was delicious! It had an incredible mix of flavors that were just right together. It was a little messy to eat, but well worth the extra napkins. We also ordered the spicy mac ‘n’ yeas – their signature vegan mac ‘n’ cheese – again, delish~

I am already looking forward to going back, as there are so many things on their menu that I would like to try. I find restaurants like Plum Bistro inspiring because they provides me with ideas on ingredients I haven’t tried and combinations that I would have never considered. You can see their entire menu on their web site, as well as their hours and location. The beauty is they are located in one of my favorite areas of Seattle, within walking distance from the Elliott Bay Bookstore – one of my favorite places to buy books or see local authors read from their books.

no spring, {yet}

Happy Monday! It is day 1 of spring break, and I wish I was filling you in on the progress in the gardens, the sprouts shooting through the soil on their way to becoming part of our farmhouse meals. I wish I had photos of sweet lambs playing in the sunshine, chicks running around on the lawns – well, you get the picture.

Alas, that is not the case today. You see, there is no sunshine. No warm breezes, blooming gardens, sprouting vegetables. The lambs dislike the rain, it is too cold for the chicks to be out. Basically, it simply doesn’t feel a lot like spring.

That being said, I am happy to say that my favorite produce store – Yakima Fruit Market – is open again. They close every year from Halloween until March. I am always so happy when they re-open as it means spring is coming. They have a large covered area – thank goodness – that is filled with spring flowers, vegetable starts, and LOTS of herbs! I can’t wait to buy flats of all three and get them planted. However that won’t be happening until the damn rain stops coming down. Can you tell that I am over it?

Have a fabulous week mes amies – I hope it is warmer (and dryer) where you are!