capturing the {magic} of this holiday season

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We find ourselves in the midst of my favorite season of the year and yet this year, it is different.  This year I feel so much more present in the season itself, and am really embracing the quiet magic that is Christmas. Instead of getting wrapped up in the hectic shopping and commercial aspects of it this year, we are really focusing on the things that create life-long memories.  We have been exploring our property and the woods near our house and bringing in greenery that we have found to decorate.  The smell of something sweet baking in the oven has become a regular occurrence and we get excited planning what we shall bake next. We talk of goodies we can make for those we love, packaged in boxes and wrapped with twine.  We snuggle more, slow down our busy days in favor of lounging and playing legos.  We read more.


This year we are keeping Christmas simple.  Gifts will be special but there will be less of them.  Our time will be focused on baking, enjoying each other’s company, and eating good meals.  We see the value in making memories and plan to do much of that over the next few weeks.


At times I find that I am in need of inspiration when it comes to looking outside our regular holiday routine.  I don’t have to look far~


This post by my dear friend Mel completely captures my feeling of Christmas magic

I plan to try making egg nog this year

I’m already dreaming of this peppermint bark

Wouldn’t these be a great gift?

And really?  Chai tea shortbread???


In light of recent events I find myself holding my children closer, stopping to just look at them and wanting to treasure every single moment.  I seem to appreciate them in a way I had taken for granted and want to stop time to just take it all in.  My heart has been hurting and I want to do something.  I don’t know what it is specifically but I do know that I want to go forward with more kindness and compassion.  I want to make a change in honor of those innocent souls who were taken too soon.

Random acts of kindness- consider it, in tribute~



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17 Responses to capturing the {magic} of this holiday season

  1. You are such a giving, generous soul Kim. You always make my heart smile! I feel the same as you…..definitely random acts of kindness…and loads of love + hugs. Enjoy the eggnog….use more milk and less cream if you want it thinner…’s gorgeous either way. Thanks for everything. Warmest holiday wishes xx

  2. Sweet heart, I think that is one of the most tender and beautiful things I’ve read from you, and possibly ever read. May your Christmas embrace you all with sweet, gentle, compassionate joy. I have no doubt, with your inherent talent, energy and sincerity that it will be oh so much more than you wish for. I do wish you lived closer.
    Much love

  3. Amen, Kimberly….I hope you don’t mind that I shared your post on facebook.
    I truly wish you and your family a magical and joyous holiday filled with love, good health, and of course….wonderful food : )

  4. Thank you for sharing such beautiful ideas. I love your idea of how the Christmas season should be spent. It’s the way it should be. Something I have been implementing for awhile now. BTW… I love my bowls, they are so gorgeous. I am gifting one to a dear friend…I need to share the goodness!

  5. Love your new mantra for the season – it is sad how quickly we loose sight of the real meaning and reason for Christmas and become focused on commercial. Thanks for this reminder

  6. I think that is how Christmas should be. Over the years I have felt that holiday season has become a time to make people feel bad for what they dont have – for what they cant have. More people are sad around this time than any other time of the year, and I am glad you are celebrating Christmas the way it should be for all us. And it serves as a great reminder too :-)

  7. Once again you have made me smile ~ you always seem to have a way of doing that. Holding out my arms and holding your entire brood close ~ remembering you at Christmas time and always. I am so proud to be able to call you friend. xo

  8. I would LOVE a whole Creatively Made course of just you cooking! Just love your calm & natural style. You inspire me! (made ricoota twice now) :)
    I came up with the idea yesterday and am sharing to help spread the light. Asking everyone to light 27 luminaries on Christmas Eve honor of the victims, then take a photo and either tweet, FB or Instagram it.
    I am calling it “Shine a LIGHT into the darkness” Just a way to honor their memories and show support. Have a BLESSED Christmas with your family. Marcie <3

    • Oh Marcie, you are so very sweet! And, as for your idea, I will do the same and post it. What a great idea. Have you tweeted it? I will look for you and retweet it!

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