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Hello friends,

I am sitting here with the sun streaming through the windows having just spoken with Christian from Waves for Water.  They are an amazing organization who’s goal is to spread clean water through distributing filters around the world.  My gorgeous friend Alexis hooked me up with them, seeing as she has that whole “waves/cool surfer/southern california” thing mastered.  (She and her husband know the man who began the project)  So, here’s the deal- Waves for Water supplies filters that are light weight, easy to use and if taken care of, will filter up to 1,000,000 gallons.  Can you imagine what the means to communities where there biggest challenge is staying healthy without clean water??  I read recently that something like (don’t quote me here) 80% of people in hospitals in developing countries are there due to lack of clean water and illnesses that result from consuming dirty water.


So, for the next three months I am attempting to raise enough money through their Clean Water Courier program to purchase 100 filters.  They weight half a pound each and will fit in one of my suitcases.  I love the idea that this isn’t a bandaid that will disappear soon after I leave Africa, but will last for five years providing water to these families.  And in five years, maybe another more permanent solution will be found.  But for now, that is one step closer to health for these people- something they desperately need.


So, I am asking you, please, go to this site and consider making a donation.  Every dollar counts and the more funds we raise, the more people’s lives are impacted.  The further we can spread this, the more people we can share it with, the more clean water we will provide.  I am so excited about this friends- and I promise to document it all for you so that you too can see what it means to bring something that we take for granted to people who have rarely known clean water.  We can do this- you and I.  I know we can!


You can visit the page here – – and learn more about the program, the filters and what this amazing company is doing around the world.


Thank you, again.

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  1. water is one most basic need and so is love and with love in our hearts for all children we can profoundly change the outcome of a life, a family a village.

    thank you for bringing this movement to my attention.

  2. last year, my husband was ill (sprang up out of nowhere). he is completely fine/healed now, but it sparked some major (lasting) changes in regards to what we eat, and how much water we drink on a daily basis (a LOT :)). it is one way that he got better, and we have learned how much of an impact it has on our daily health & functioning. i think about this often~ about others who are not as fortunate as we are in accessing clean, healthy water.

    thank you for sharing this {and for taking the initiative to get involved!}… i’m on my way to contribute.

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