bonjour from {paris}


I am nestled in a very comfortable bed in a gorgeous hotel in the heart of the 6ieme arrondissement in beautiful Paris. The windows are thrown open and the Tour Eiffel is sparkling in the darkness of night a mere stones throw away. It is beyond stunning and I was giddy when I realized that our room was on the top floor of this old building, with views of my very favorite rooftops in the world. Internet has been spotty at best, but I am so excited to get out there and shoot for the next four days, now that we have returned from Montpellier. And, tomorrow is my birthday. I am so excited to spend it here, wandering the streets that I love and taking photos of all of the delicious things I plan to eat!

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5 Responses to bonjour from {paris}

  1. melissa says:

    happy birthday to you dear friend! soak up every bit of wonderful…as i know you will!

    bonne nuit mon amie!

  2. kathy says:

    Kim you have to try Angelinas on Rivioli…omgosh the best cocoa ever!

  3. How wonderful for you and happy birthday! Click away and soak it all in.

  4. Happy Birthday, do what you love and your special day will be perfect!!! Hugs! Florence

  5. Vanille says:

    Joyeux anniversaire Kimberly ! Enjoy your time in the city of lights !

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